7 Repurpose Ideas To Make Beautiful Crafts With The Pans And Pots

Repurpose Ideas To Make Beautiful Crafts With The Pans And Pots

There are so many things in the kitchen, pots and pans are the most common item in kitchen as the whole cooking depends upon the pots and the pans, we clean the pans and pots, as the time goes, there are chances of the damages to the pots and pans, so we discard them and buy the new one, but we can make many amazing beautiful crafts with the used pots and pans and decorate our house with them, here are some of the crafts we can make with the pans and pots.

1. Pan Snowman:

If you have kids, then you can make the snowman for them as they love snowman, also your home will look beautiful, take the use pan and pot of the different sizes, now place all of them one by one on each other, the pot should be on the top, now take the spatula and the big folk and make the hand and the hat of the snowman by it, take the black color button and stick it to the empty part of the pan, now take the scarf and wrap it around the top pot.

Pan Snowman

2. Bird Feeder Pan:

You can make the bird feeder by the used pot and the pan, it is easy to make, you need to take the deep pan and cover of the pot, first you need to take the pan, make a hole at the center of the pan, do the hole in the cover of pot also, take the rod, now make the thread to both the sides of the rod, insert the rod, take the nut and tight it gently, bird feeder pan is ready and you can place it to the open place, where birds usually come.

Bird Feeder Pan

3. Old Pan Art:

Painting are always at the first place to decorate the house, you need to draw the painting to the back side of the used pan and can hang it easily, for this you need to take the used pan, clean the back side of it, take the paint and paint the whole pan, now you need to draw the painting on it, you can do the 3D painting by pasting the paper images on it, you can also draw any theme to it, you can also add any slogan to it, place it to the drawing room.

Old Pan Art

4. Bundt Pan Lamp:

Sometime the top of the lamp can be easily broken and whole lamp is wasted, but we can make it again just like new, with the use of the Bundt pan, you need to paint the Bundt lamp and then make the hole at the top of it, take the old lamp base stand, now insert the base lamp stand it and tighten it with the beautiful nut, you can also make any painting on the lamp also, add the light bulb and switch it ON.

Bundt Pan Lamp

5. Stool By The Cake Pan:

We all have the cake pans and due to excess heat in the oven, it might get brunt or have hard stains in it, we normally throw them but we can make stool by it, you need to take the pan, paint it to give it the natural look, now to the back of the pan, you need to add the pipe leg holders, add the leg of the tables to it, tight it gently and place it inside the kitchen, or you can place any pot or decorative sculpture on it.

. Stool By The Cake Pan

6. Photo Frame By Tart Pan:

Photo frame can be the best option to save your memory for the longer time, there are many ways by which you can make your photo frame. Tart frame can also be converted in beautiful picture frame, because of the designer edges, you need to take the tart pan, cut the photo according to the inner side of the tart pan, now stick it on the pan, now hang it to the wall, you can make many photo frames like this.

Photo Frame By Tart Pan

7. Clock By The Dessert Pan:

There are many types of the clocks available in the market, they are quite expensive due to the designs of it only and the machinery is the same, you can also make your own wall clock by the dessert pan, take the dessert pan, paint in the color you want, now make the hole in the middle, take the clock machinery, insert and tight the needle point in the hole, now place the all the needles on it, add the battery and hang the beautiful dessert pan clock to the wall.

Clock By The Dessert Pan