7 Repurpose Idea To Make Crafts From The Old Teacups

Repurpose Idea To Make Crafts From The Old Teacups

We have so many things in our house and after sometime, we throw them as they are no longer in use, but we can make beautiful crafts by them. We all have the teabags in our home and due to mishandling during use or wash we normally broken them little bit or their paint might get removed, so we normally do not use them, but we can make beautiful crafts with them also

Here Are Some Of The Craft That We Can Make By The Old Teacups:

1. Hanging Flower Teacup:

Hanging flower teacup can be the best craft that we can make by the teacup, for this you need to first take the thick wire, bend it and then fix it the teacup plate with the hot glue gun, now take bend the top of the wire, place the wire inside the teacup and then again apply a good amount of the glue to it, leave it for sometime, now take the flower and the leaves to it, add the glue to the wire, fix the flower to it and cover the wire, place this hanging flower teacup as a centerpiece.

 Hanging Flower Teacup

2. Curtain Tieback By Teacups:

Teacups can be used as the tieback for the curtain and they look so awesome holding the curtains, for this you need to take the designer teacup, now take the fine scrapper, scratch the bottom of the cup slowly, as you get the mark deeper, take the kitchen hammer and then broke the bottom of the cup, take the sand paper and remove any sharp edges, tie your curtain and insert it in the teacups, now push the teacup to the desired length and hang the cup on the hook of the wall.

Curtain Tieback By Teacups

3. Dinner Candles By Teacups:

If you want to surprise your partner with the candle light dinner and want to show your creativity, then teacups candles can be the best option, you need to take the teacups, make sure that should not be broken and there should not be any holes in it, now you need to take the melt the wax, place a long kappa light inside the bottom of the cup, hold the top of the kappa light and then pour the melted wax to it, leave it for sometime and then burn it on the dinner table.

Dinner Candles By Teacups

4. Lampstand By Teacup:

If we do not have the lampstand in our bedroom, then it looks something is missing out, there are many types of the lampstands are there and they are so expensive also, we can make the lampstand by using the teacups, you need to first take the cup plate, add the glue to it, now place the teacup on it, add the glue to the borders on it and place the cup plate again, follow to pattern for 3 to 4 times, now install the lights on it with the cover on it, place it to your bedroom.

Lampstand By Teacup

5. Teacup Pedant Light:

Lights plays an important role in decorating the house, the outlook of the inside and outside the house depends upon the lightning, there are so many types of the lightning are there in the market, but we can make the amazing pedant light with the teacups also, you need to first glue the teacup and the plate to each other, now take the drill machine and make the hole in it, pass the electricity wire from it, install the holder in it, add the bulb and hang it to the ceiling.

Teacup Pedant Light

7. Teacup Fountains:

We love to have fountains to our backyard, but we can make the small fountain inside our home also, we can use the teacups for this, you need to first take the kettle, cut the bottom part of it, place this to the deep plate, install the small water pump to it, place the teacup to the pipe of the kettle, fill the cattle with the water and then place it to the desired place, switch on the pump and enjoy the teacup fountain.

 Teacup Fountains

8. Teacup Planters:

There are some of the small beautiful plants, that can be easily grown in small place, if we have old teacups in our house then we can use it as a planters, you need to first drill a small hole to the bottom of the teacup, place this on the top of the plate, now fill it with the mud, add the fertilizers in it, add little bit of the water to it, now add the planters in it and place it on the dinning table or you can grow kitchen plants also.

Teacup Planters