7 Repurpose Adorable Idea To Make Sock Toys

7 Repurpose Adorable Idea To Make Sock Toys

We all have different types of the cloths and they easily gets hole and scratches and we then normally throw them, but you know we can make amazing crafts with all of the unused stuff, we all wear the socks and socks can be easily have the holes in it and we don’t use them any more, so all of these socks can be crafted into very beautiful toys for your kids, as the socks are so flexible, so we can give them any shape we want.

Here Are Some Of The Beautiful Sock Toys Crafts That We Can Make By The Socks:

1. Sock Bunny:

Bunny is the most favorite character and we all love him, there are many bunny toys in the market, we can make the bunny with the sock also, you need to take the socks, take the cloth, cut it into pieces, mix it with the cotton and then fill the socks with it, now make the tight knot at the top of the socks to separate the head and the body, now with the needle and the thread, sew the legs of it, sew the two small socks to make the ears, add the eyes and the nose of it, sock bunny is ready.

Sock Bunny

2. Cow By Socks:

Cow can also be easily made by the socks and loved the kids, you need to first take the two four sock, fill it with the cotton, now take the big one and fill it with the cotton, take another sock, cut it into squares and then fill it with the cotton and sew it properly, now sew the 4 socks to the big socks to make the legs and the sew the square sock to make the mouth of the cow, add the black button to make the eyes and draw the nose and mouth of the cow.

 Cow By Socks

3. Socks Snow Man:

Snow man is the favorite toy for the kids, if you have the kids, then you have the snow man definitely to your house, we can easily make the snow man with the socks, you need to first take the sock, fill it with the cloth and the cotton pieces,  tie the top of it, now take the thread and make it tight from the top to make the head of the snowman, now again tight the middle of the rest sock with the thread again, stick the eyes, draw the mouth and the hand of the snowman.

Socks Snow Man

4. Sock Frog:

If you have the small babies in your house and you want to gift them a soft big toy, then you can go with the sock frog, you need to take the sock in white and green color, you need to fill 4 socks of the smaller size with the cotton and big one to make the stomach and the mouth, the design of the finger in the socks is used as ears and we need to draw the eyes and the mouth of the frog, sew the legs and the hands, frog is ready.

Sock Frog

5. Penguin Socks:

Penguins are so cute, and we all want to have them in our house, there are many soft toys in the market of the penguins, but we can make them by using the socks also, you need stich the two socks, fill it with the cotton, now cut one sock in the round and fill it to make the flat ball of it, sew it to make the head, add the eyes, nose and the ears of the penguin, take the white paper and fix it in the middle to make the stomach of it.

 Penguin Socks

6. Sock Owl:

We can also make the soft owl with the socks, we need to take a big sock, cut it in a rectangular shape, stitch it at the top and fill it with the cotton, stitch the other end also, now take the cloth and cut it in the small circles, glued it on the socks to make the eyes of the owl, draw the nose the mouth, pull the two top corners to make the ears of the owl.

Sock Owl

7. Sock Octopus:

Octopus has so many legs and just because of this, we see octopus toys in the market, we can also make octopus with the socks, we need to take the long 8 socks, fill it with the cotton, tie all the ends with the thread, add the button to one side of the legs, now take the small sock, fill it with the cotton, make the eyes and mouth to it, now to bottom of it, sew all the 8 socks legs, your sock octopus is ready to play.

Sock Octopus