7 Really Unique Kids Beds For Eye-Catchy Kids Rooms


Kids’ bed is a masterpiece of any child’s rooms and as a concept it is getting more popular and fancier with every passing season. We all know that the smallest and the naughtiest members of the family look the cutest when they are asleep in the bed. As a matter of fact some kids’ world revolves around the bed they tuck in for sound and deep sleep. Since the parents of many kids have to address the demand of eye-catchy beds, it is not surprising to see so many unique beds in terms of design and novelty creating wave in recent times. Apart from making your kids cozy and comfortable, these bed designs will leave you floored with their brilliant craft and the novelty they are made with.

Take A Look At These 7 Really Unique Kids Bed

1. Rough Wood Kid Bed

Rough wood kid bed concept is one of the oldest surviving ones and yet don’t look quaint even in today’s age because it has evolved and improvised itself over the time. The design as the name suggests, steals the show for its immaculately carved design to resemble a tree house! Besides, they also offer the double-decker design, more than handy for parents dealing with kids’ duo.

Rough Wood Kid Bed

2. Tent Girl Bed

That’s right, your princess too might be wanting tent bed. Largely seen as an eye-catchy bed for boys, tent bed has become a huge hit among girls as well. Not to forget, some ground rules are to be maintained for tent beds. They should have ample ventilation and if it is for girls, always pick the pink hues for maximum delight.


3. Pirate Boat Kid Bed

This eye catchy bed for kids’ room has everyone talking and why not? The boat kid bed looks every bit of a robust ship meant for sailing for long hours. This one, well; it’d sail its way to a deep sleep for your loving child.

Pirate Boat Kid Bed

4. Tractor kid Bed

Honestly, can you really have boys disliking toys? Especially when this very tractor kid bed is adorning their room? Much like the rough wood bed, tractor beds have also been designed to accommodate two children. The mean looking bed also gets the eyeballs rolling for the details to resemble the exact auto motor.

Tractor kid Bed


5. Life Guard House Kid Bed

Bring the dwelling of the coastal area right across your kids’ bedroom with the eye-catchy life guard house kid bed. Not only are they eclectically designed, they also make for a great décor idea. Don’t blame the child if he is in his knickers with a binocular held in front of his eyes!

Life Guard House Kid Bed

6. Retro Bus Kid

It’s retro and yet the most contemporary and unique kids’ bed. The spacious and eye-catchy bed surprisingly does not usurp lots of space and wows everyone with its make. Well, Scooby Doo had “The Mystery Machine”, why can’t your kid have this one?

Retro Bus Kid

7. Plane Kid Bed

The most magnificent kids bed; so eye-catchy that even the Wright brothers might have fallen for it. Plane kid bed has been modeled on the flying machine that ruled the skies in the 30’s and 40’s. The grin and excitement that everyone including your kids is going to express is most certainly worth every bit of the effort. This one is not just eye-catchy; we believe it is a rarity.

Plane Kid Bed