7 Most Inventive Camping DIY Projects

Camping DIY Projects

Camping outdoors is fun and enjoyable, but the planning process consumes a lot of energy and time depending on with whom you are going and where you are camping. However, do not worry, to make things easier and less stressful, we have listed few DIY camping projects. Try these simple things and have more fun without having the need to spend a lot on camping equipment.

Camping DIY Projects:

1. Tin Can Grill:

Camping seems to be incomplete without a BBQ, but it is not always possible to carry a BBQ grill with you. This doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking about grilled food during camping as you can create a fantastic portable BBQ grill by recycling the empty tin cans, aluminum foil, charcoal and cooling racks or grilling rack.

 Tin Can Grill

2. Shake And Pour Food:

Pancakes are delicious and loved by everyone. Moreover, it makes a simpler recipe to prepare anytime you feel like having something good at outdoor camping sites. Just prepare a shake and pour dry mix in advance and stock it in a glass jar. When you want to eat pancakes just add an egg and some water to it and shake it to get the batter ready to make yummy pancakes.

Shake And Pour Food

3. Fire Starters:

Starting fire can be tricky outdoors; especially when the wood is damp or weather is wet. So, it is better to bring your homemade fire-starter when going outdoor camping. Stuff toilet paper tube or any cardboard case or tubes with lint from your dryer. Stack the logs and place the lint stuffed cardboard tube under the logs and light up. You can also place charcoal in cardboard egg cartons and light the carton to start fire.

Fire Starters

4. Herbal Mosquito And Bug Repellent:

When there is outdoor fire burning continuously to keep you warm, why not make use of the same to drive away mosquitoes and bugs. Well, we all are aware that smoke can repel insects, but did you know simply burning a bunch of sage can be even more effective. Collect sage stems and tie them together like a bundle. Burn the bundle in campfire to drive away all kinds of insects, especially, mosquitoes. One more advantage is, dried bunches serve as fire starters too.

Herbal Mosquito And Bug Repellent:

5. Lantern:

This DIY camping lantern will be very useful to keep your tent well lit at nights. All you need is a headlamp and a gallon jug with water. Fasten the light around the gallon jug and point the light towards the water to make a wonderful diffused light source in seconds.


6. Tic-Tac Boxes For Spices:

Whenever we are camping, all of us like to cook and for this you need various seasonings and spices. However, you need space to store them and an easy way to store them is to use compact containers to pack them. Repurposing Tic-Tac boxes is an easy way to store spices when on the go. Besides camping, it is also perfect to carry them when you are on vacation in motor homes, travel trailers or vacation condos that have a kitchen.

Tic-Tac Boxes For Spices

7. Baby Food Containers As Matchbox:

You can make an adorable match stick holder from baby food containers, which can be used for cook outs, hiking, parties, picnics etc.  Cut out a small rectangle from the black sandpaper and round its corners. Glue this on the container lid. Store the match sticks in the container and you are ready to carry it to your camping site. You can also use a Mason jar for this purpose. Glue the sandpaper on the lid of the jar, which looks prettier than the boring box they are packaged in.

Baby Food Containers As Matchbox