7 Lovely DIY Lifehacks That Use A Penny

Never underestimate your pocket pennies that can change into astonishing specialties, stylistic theme and craftsmanship. It makes you trust the verging on valueless penny could be of huge worth. For instance: How brilliant would it be in the event that you could DIY your truly individual deck with remaining pennies from prior trips? furthermore, you can likewise transform your straightforward and drilling vase into an astonishing penny vase or place a few pennies on your obsolete end table and make it look amazing.

Here Are 7 Lovely DIY Lifehacks That Use A Penny:

1. Lucky Penny Votive Holders

Get a couple clear glass votive holders to begin. Presently, stir up your piggy banks, seek through your pockets and round up a few pennies. In the event that you have to spruce up your change, here is a brisk how-to for cleaning pennies: combine 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 1 teaspoon salt. Dump in your pennies, blend them around a bit, let them marinate a little if fundamental and afterward flush well. Lay on a paper towel or hand towel to dry. Since your pennies are brilliant and sparkly, utilize twofold stick tape to follow them around your votive holders. You could utilize heated glue however your cement is to some degree obvious through the glass.

Lucky penny votive holders

2. Coin Floor

You need to make sure your floor is clean. Use a wax remover if applying over linoleum, which can be done. Soak the pennies you can soak them in vinegar. Make sure the coins have the patina you want even if it means going to the bank and getting rolls and rolls of pennies to search for clean coins. Glue the coins directly to the floor, preferably in the same direction and pay attention to heads or tails (if it matters to you). Weldbond, a tile or glass glue, was used for many of the penny floors, but some used Elmer’s Glue, which seems a little on the flimsy side, and Gorilla Glue.For the final top coat, apply another coat of polyurethane and/or an epoxy sealer to seal and make cleaning the floor easier.


3. Penny Vase

Take your vase and spray paint it black.Once dry, take your glue gun and start gluing pennies, starting from the top and going around the vase. Work your way down until you’re done. Go over your vase and remove any strings of hot glue that harden. You don’t want those hanging around.

Penny vase

4. Penny Table

You will need some materials to get started: table legs, epoxy, pennies, 3/4″ melamine or MDF, trim, white glue, Q-tips, CLR cleaner, plumbers torch. Clean the pennies using. If you leave them in the cleanser for too long, they will turn kind of a rose colour. Paint will be brighter and show better. I cut the melamine to the size I was after and was ready to lay down some pennies.

Penny table

5. Penny Wall

Today I’d like to share with you a grand, diy project recently completed in the home of Scott and Jessi Locke. It was Scott’s idea to transform this simple, breakfast nook wall.


6. Penny Ombre Art

Start with your frame. I spray painted my gold frame with a little copper and teal…just for fun! Wrap burlap on the backboard, remove the glass and hot glue it in the frame. See how many pennies fit in the space.

Penny Ombre Art

7. Penny Coasters

Have a bunch of pennies lying around? MAKE COASTERS!!!!!!! Wooo. Not only will these coasters make you feel rich, all your friends will.

Penny coasters