7 Interesting Craft Ideas Using Pet Bottles

Craft Ideas Using Pet Bottles

These days there are a wide range of different kinds of bottles which we have at home. We usually get these bottles as containers with things we buy or purchase from the market. The use of these bottles is simply limited till the time we consume what is in the bottle and we later throw away these bottles. These bottles are of no use to us after the ingredients inside them have been consumed. Many of us have a large number of such bottles lying around at home and we usually have no clue as to what shall be done with these bottles. Many of us consume aerated drinks and we get these plastic bottles which are of no use to us. We usually throw away these pet bottles as we feel they are of no use to us. In fact these pet bottles can be used in a number of ways to make lovely crafts for our home. Some of the amazing and eye catching crafts which can be made using pet bottles at home have been mentioned below.

1. Bird Feeder:

A bird feeder is one of the most pretty and appealing accessories which you can choose to have in your garden. You can choose to make a wonderful bird feeder for the open area at your house using the pet bottles. The presence of a bird feeder in the garden will give you some absolutely mesmerizing sights in the garden. You can make the most amazing bird feeder for your garden using a pet bottle.

Bird Feeder

2. Planter:

A planter is one of the most important accessories at home and outdoor. The kind of planter which you choose for your home greatly determines and influences the look and feel of your home. You can choose to have some amazing planters for your home using a pet bottle. You can design the planter differently and in the most creative way to give the pet bottle a new look and make the planter stand out at home.


3. Platter:


These days there are a number of interesting crockery and cutlery pieces available for your home. The presence of different and interesting accessories for dining makes the dining experience more interesting and enjoyable. These days we use a number of different types of platters to serve food at home. You can choose the lovely platters made using pet bottles. This will be one of the most different platters and you can arrange the food in the most unique manner to give the guests a different feel.


4. Chandeliers:

Chandeliers are one of the best ways to give your home a classy and absolutely stunning look. The presence of a chandelier at your home not only illuminates and lights up your home in the most beautiful manner but also helps in giving your home a lovely look. These days there are a large range of chandeliers available for your home according to the look you want for your home. You can choose a lovely pet bottle chandelier for your home and give your home a different and pretty look.


5. Stationary Holder:

Stationary is one thing which you need all your life at home and work. It is needed by all of us irrespective of your age. Many of are usually extremely careless about the stationary which we use and usually keep it carelessly and not find in time of need. It is always great to use a stationery organizer which helps you in organizing and storing stationary appropriately. You can make some wonderful stationary holders using pet bottles. You can design and embellish them according to your choice and presences.

Stationary Holder:

6. Candle Cover:

Most of us love to decorate and enhance the beauty of our home with candles. It is one of the prettiest and probably the most charismatic ways to enhance the beauty and look of your home. You can use some wonderful candle covers or candle holders to give the candles the most eye pleasing look which influences the look and beauty of your home. You can make these candle covers using pet bottles. You can be extremely creative and innovative as you make these wonderful crafts for your home.

Candle Cover

7. Jewellery Organiser:

All of us have small jewelry pieces with us which we love to wear and enhance our beauty. It usually becomes extremely difficult to arrange and organize these small jewelry pieces properly and with a lot of care. You can choose to have the jewelry organizers. These will make your life simpler and easier. You can make these jewelry organizers using pet bottles. You can be creative and have a new and interesting jewelry organizer for your home.

Jewellery Organiser

These are a few amazing crafts for your home using pet bottles