7 Insanely Clever Makeover ideas for your new Home

Excited about your new place? Decorating a new place can be very tiring and tedious job. Everything has to be arranged to give the home a nice and cosy look. Some people even think of calling interior designers to give a great look to their homes. But, this work can be done by the members of the family themselves. These are some of the clever makeover ideas that can make your home look grand and awesome and to its best.

Some Of These Ideas Are:

1. Lower The Living Room

The normal living room looks dull and boring at times. When there is plan of renovating the home, then the living room should be lowered and stairs can be given to go down to the living room and create a good conversation pit. The room can be decorated by using coloured cushions to create a great effect.

Lower The Living Room

2. Book Storage Facility Under The Stairs

The place beneath the stairs is not of much use to anyone. But, this part can be used as a book storage place and books can be kept in stacks below the stairs. Even decorative items can be placed which would make the place look bright and beautiful. The books will stay at its place and also much space will be created in the room.

Book Storage Facility Under The Stairs

3. Make A Pet House Beneath The Stairs

Kennel can be made for your dogs beneath the stairs where they can comfortably settle and have space to move around in the room created especially for them. Lights can be placed below the stairs so that the dogs can feel more like home. Also, a platform bed can be placed below the stairs where people can just lie down or read books and spend some time alone.

Make A Pet House Beneath The Stairs

4.  Make A Hidden Room

A hidden room is quite innovative in a home. The room can be hidden next to the stairs and it can be automated with the help of a remote control. If someone wants to go to that room, they can visit it by turning the stairs with the help of the remote. No one comes to know of the hidden room unless it is not shown.

Make A Hidden Room

5. Use Of Two Dishwashers

To create more space in the kitchen, there can be two dishwashers which are placed one on top of the other. This will create more space for drawers in the room which can be used as storage spaces. This will also make the kitchen look clean and tidy.

Use Of Two Dishwashers

6. Build A Mini Fridge In One Of The Storage Boxes

Normally all the storage boxes are used in a similar way. But, there is a more creative way to use the storage boxes. One of the attached box can be used in the way of a mini fridge and daily essentials can be put in that fridge. This will also look nice and will attract others to this new style of a mini fridge.

Build A Mini Fridge In One Of The Storage Boxes

7. The Walls Can Be Made Magnetic

Magazine boxes can be hanged on the wall and newspapers and magazines can be put on the hanged boxes. Apart from this, photo frames can be hanged on the wall. The photos can be clubbed together to make it look more interesting. A home looks beautiful when it is done in a great way with just a little space. These are some ideas to do so.

The Walls Can Be Made Magnetic