7 Incredibly Cozy And Inspiring Window Seat Ideas 

Windows provide light and air into the room and also gives a view outside. For many of us window is such a place where we can sit and spend some time alone in the cozy corner or we chat over a cup of coffee with a close friend. Or simply we seat by the window to enjoy the world outside. People walking down the lane, vehicles moving up and down, the shop keepers doing daily business or a sales man chasing a prospective customer. Only a very few scenes to mention. These sights of people, nature and the world through your window inspire you. Window might be the one place you enjoy most at home and there are many ways we can make it more beautiful, more attractive and interesting as per our taste and usage.

We Will Discuss Here The 7 Incredible Designs Of Cozy And Inspiring Window Seats

1. Bay-Window Seat

Windows are a source of light. Plan to have a bay window in your building architecture. And once done you should set up a window seat in the shape of the bay window. Cover it with padding and place cushions to make it more cozy and comfortable seating place. Use window coverings to restrict harsh sunlight.

Bay-Window Seat

2. Window Seats For Sleeping

You can have deep window seats placed deep into the walls. To uour advantage you can convert it to a bed. When a guest arrives offer him/her the bed. He/She will be more than happy to occupy the cozy window seat. The deep positioning of the seat will also allow for cabinets where you can store bed sheets pillows etc. You can also make it into a cozy reading space in the house.

Window Seats For Sleeping

3. Sofa

You can pull a table to the window of your kitchen or dining area. Cover it with a good fabric. Place comfortable cushions. Move the chairs to the other side. You have now increased the space inside the room and made best use of the window seat. Its so rejuvenating to seat beside a window enjoy the outside atmosphere though being inside.


4. Storage Space

You may need some storage space inside the room but is afraid it will look horrible. Do not worry, buils a decorative storage. Design it to place cushions on top of it and convert the top of the storage into a cozy repose. You can sit back or lie down and relax by the window side and don’t have to worry for the storage space.

Storage Space

5. Perches

When you have a small room and there are no separate seating can be accommodated inside the room consider the windows. They can make great seating places. This will give a balanced effect to the room and a place to retire to when you get tired and need a cozy corner to relax.


6. Window Seats In Awkward Places

There might be windows placed much awkwardly. In such case you can give a makeover and include window spaces. This will give a drastic change in look of your living space.

Window Seats In Awkward Places

7. Extra Bed In Guest Room

You may have an extra member of the guest. Do not panic you need not buy a separate bed. Convert the storage cabinet in your bed room to a cozy window seat where your guest can relax. I bet it will be the hot take among your guests.

Extra Bed In Guest Room