7 Flower Plants Lawn Ornaments Ideas From The Old Tree Stumps

Flower Plants Lawn Ornaments Ideas From The Old Tree Stumps

We always want that our garden should be look attractive and for this we place many things in the garden, but the garden looks beautiful by the natural things, old tree stumps are used in the many place, although they have no charm, but we can decorate them with many flowers and use them as a pot for the flower, our lawn has the total natural beauty, there are so many flower idea by which you can make old tree stumps in a beautiful lawn ornaments, here are some of the ideas.

1. Flower Design To The Stumps:

It you want a long lasting tree stump, then you can draw the design of the flower on it, you need to take the color and the brush, now paint a simple flower in the small blocks shape, draw the garden path along it, take 2 to 3 tree stumps and draw the same design in the other colors, add the green grass along the foot of the old tree stump to give it natural look, now place this to the lawn near to the front door.

Flower Design To The Stumps

2. Pansy And Petunia On Tree Stumps:

Pansy and the petunia are the small flowers and they have many colors, they are easy to grown, to make the beautiful ornament by the pansy and petunia, you need to first dig the ground little bit, then place the tree stump which should be of many branches, dig the top of the surface little bit, add the mud to it, add the pansy and the petunia plants to it, add the cemented blocks to the bottom of the stumps, your lawn ornament is ready.

 Pansy And Petunia On Tree Stumps

3. Rustic Tree Stumps:

Rustic look always prefer by everyone, as give the natural look, you can give the rustic look to the old stump, you need to dig the ground, make it wet, add the tree stump to it, leave it for some days and keep it moist, there are many fungus, that will be grown easily, then dig the top of the stumps, make a deep hole, add the mud to it, add proper fertilizer to it, add the plants of beautiful yellow flowers, make sure there should be plenty of the green grass also to your lawn.

Rustic Tree Stumps

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4. Tree Stump Old Man:

Tree stump old man is the most amazing and the unique idea for your lawn, you need to take the big and long tree stump, give it the shape of the old man, for this add the nose made by the same wood, take the bicycle, add the hook, just to the top of the nose, hang the bicycle on it, dig the top of the stump, add the mud and grow the long green grass and the colorful flowers. An old man is now standing in your lawn, with the goggle and the hat.

Tree Stump Old Man

5. Barrel Planter On The Stump:

Barrel on the top of the stump gives up the natural look, you need to dig the ground near to any big tree of your lawn, or you can do this, close to the fence of your lawn, take the barrel exactly to the same size of the stump, like that the tp of the stump can be easily covered by the barrel, add the mixture of the mud and the fertilizer in it, add the beautiful flowers to it, your barrel planter is ready.

Barrel Planter On The Stump

6. Succulents Old Tree Stump:

Succulents are easy to grow and you can make an eco-friendly environment with it, these small flowers look amazing and nowadays most of the people decorate their houses in it, we can also use it as a lawn ornament, take the old tree stump of the different shape and the sizes with the flat surface on the top, now you need to buy the succulent flowers, then place then on the top of the stump, so that it look like that a garden, place the small stump on the top of the big one, place all of them to the lawn.

Succulents Old Tree Stump

7. Flower Pots On Tree Stump:

If you want that there are a small garden on the tree stump, then you should go with the flower pots, take many flower pots, and the mud and the fertilizers in it, add the flower plants of the different types, now take the tree stumps of the different heights, now place all them randomly to the your lawn, place all the flower pots on the all the stumps, insert the hook to the big stump and hand the pots to it, add the greenery to it to make it real.

Flower Pots On Tree Stump