7 Fantastic DIY Room Dividers To Redefine Your Space

DIY room dividers are perfect way to use a small space to its maximum potential. Other than this they are equally helpful in decorating focus point. They create a fantastic impact in the living space. They offer privacy as well without altering structural components of a space. With the perfect installation of room dividers one can learn the art of organising everything in the right place. If you are looking to have one in your house.

Below Mentioned 7 Fantastic DIY Room Dividers Will Surely Give You The Idea What To Look For

1. Room Divider Made Of Colourful Vinyl LPs

This simple looking semi -transparent divider act a buffer zone within a single room. This is sort of a semi -private room divider. This kind of room-divider resembles closely with the decoration in the Chinese homes. These are heavy and ornate and are not to be moved around. This type of divider is used just to segregate a room into different areas for different use.


2. Shipping Pallets Turned Into A Semi-Private Room Divider

This is a different type of room-divider that allows it to be moved in a flexible manner so as to divide a room the way the owner like. They have folded wall panels. They might look a little bit old-fashioned but are very useful for creating a more efficient use of the space within the room. One could even hang photos from the divider to give it a more graceful touch and to avoid running nail into the walls of one’s apartment.


3. Majestic Black Steel-Framed Room Divider

This huge and gorgeous marvel could be seen in houses and other residences with the sole purpose of dividing the space more efficiently. This screen-type heavy divider adds character to room space as well as hides areas of different usages. This is semi-permanent sliding door-like divider could be moved with little effort according to the requirement.


4. Soothing And Sliding Room Divider

Divide a room with a natural touch to enhance the energy level to give the spaces a more vibrant look. It is natural and eco-friendly and looks modern and luxurious at the same time. One can have the feeling of staying in the midst of nature while carrying out one’s job. This trendy piece adds a refreshing look to the interior of the room.


5. Bookshelf As An Effective Room-Divider

This elegant book-shelf is itself the star-attraction. Rather than being a mere book-shelf it can be used so effectively and beautifully as a modern and trendy room-divider. The idea of using a book-shelf as a room-divider is nothing new and obviously been around for ages. But the last few decades have seen more stylish and glittering options that ooze an air of opulence.


6. Three-Fold Sliding And Colourful Room Divider

This is ideal for small apartments where the owner is compelled to make use of every available space. This wood-finished 3 part sliding-divider can easily solve the problem of dividing the room in an effective manner. There are so many uses of a room-divider: dividing the room, adding privacy to any space, hiding clutter and maximizing the storage capacity of the room: each and every above-mentioned job can be done with precision with this piece.


7. Intelligent Use Of Curtain As Room-Divider

Curtains are used by interior designers as means to divide effectively the space into separate and distinct areas. This is probably the most imaginative one in terms of flexibility to section off a large room. It surely adds a genuine aesthetic touch to the serene atmosphere of the room, thus creating a majestic feeling.