7 Exotic Red Bathroom Designs

Do you want your bathroom to look highlighting and interesting? Instead of always opting for white, blue or any other warm colors, try red which can give you a special impression with minimal effort. This hue is quite commonly used in dining areas and living rooms. Simply add any red element like red furniture or paint or any kind of decorations to your bathroom. It will convert the room’s aura into a unique and exclusive space. Red can be combined with other colors and shades to give a massive and creative effect.

Here are The 7 Exotic Red Bathroom Designs:

1. Contemporary Red Tiled Bathroom

This bathroom is designed with bright and brilliant red tiles creating a contemporary pattern. You can either tile a small part of the walls or cover up large spaces as well. In this room, different shades of red, yellow and orange are used to conceal most of the walls. The modern feel of the space is enhanced by the contemporary works of art. White tiles on the floor, white counters and white ceilings bring a sense of balance to the design. The theme is further developed by yellowish carpet and paint on the wooden sideboard.


2. Neat and Simple Red Bathroom

Some people love the notion of being unsophisticated and neat. This red bath space is the best if you are one of them. The wood covering of the bathtub is painted in red and this hue is used in the open cupboards and a small portion of the side wall. Bathing items are neatly positioned within baskets in the cabinet. There are some simple framed artworks and wallpapers designed in white and red to suit the red paint. On the whole, this style is simply undemanding and well-organized.


3. Dreamy Modern Red Bathroom

The mixing of red with black shade gives a dramatic and sensational effect. These two shades are striking enough to give a glamorous notion. A black island bathtub, plain black draperies, black framed artworks and the matte black floor blends in perfectly with the red flowered walls and ceiling as well as the brownish red rug. It is a beautiful combination of two bold and contrasting hues. The unconventional chandelier hovering above the bathtub makes this bathroom all the more romantic and fashionable.


4. Red Mediterranean Panache Bathroom

This style suits a medium to large sized bathroom space as spacing is an important feature in this design. It is also a delight for those who love the Mediterranean unique and traditional style. The special feature of this bathroom is the large windows especially the thick windowpanes painted in intense red. This hue can be seen in other items as well like the rug, linens and on the tile decoration beneath the windows. The orange bowls, wooden cabinet and little flowers give the space more of an authentic and aesthetic look.


5. Romantic Rose-Red Bathroom

The sight of this bathtub kindles romance and love. The simple white bathtub with transparent rose-red curtain touching the striped wooden floor of the bathroom can attract almost anyone. This theme suits especially for wedding couples or newly wedded ones. You can make your partner happy by decorating your bathroom in this combination of red and white which resembles red and white roses. Even the walls are covered with minute rose-red square tiles all around. The rectangular white basins match perfectly with the theme. The brownish granite plus the faint lights from the small wall light and candle increases the romantic aura even more.


6. Limited Red Exotic Bathroom

The beauty of this bathroom is the limited usage of red which gives a great impact. A small section of the wall is painted red. Other than that, the vase is red and the tiled walls are a combination of red and maroon. Other features in this room are gray, white and black. The reflective tiles on the wall together with all the other elements create a strange but striking touch to the space. The animal sculptures on the granite counter top intensify the elegance of the bathroom. On the whole it is purely exotic.


7. Glorious Antique Red Bathroom

The look of this bathroom is old-fashioned, traditional and antique. The reddish hue can be seen all around the space. The cupboards and walls are painted with a deep red hue. Whereas the ceiling is enveloped with colorful wallpaper with shades of red, brown, green and gold which gives a vintage feel. The tint of bronzy gold can be seen in several places like the bathtub and mirror frame. The shower screen pairs with the print used on the ceiling wallpaper. Even the light setting looks antique and old-style. This space can give you the impression of using a Maharaja’s bathroom.