7 Easy To Make Hot Glue Gun Crafts By Your Own

7 Easy To Make Hot Glue Gun Crafts By Your Own

We love to make crafts because it shows our creativity and imagination, that we crafted on the used things and make them beautiful, there are some of the basic essential things that we require in making the crafts, glue gun is one of it, this glue gun gives us the hot glue and we stick almost all the things with it, but we can also make many crafts with the glue gun only

Here Is The List Of Some Of The Crafts We Can Make By The Glue Gun By Our Own:

1. Designer Flower Vase:

Flowers always connect the home with the nature, we place them in the vase and there are vases of the many styles, but we can decorate the vase with the glue gun only, you need to take the flower vase and the hot glue gun, now create the design on the vase, like the rings, rain drops, letter or words, allow it to cool, now take the metallic spray paint and paint the whole vase to give it metallic look, add the flowers and place it to the desired place.

 Designer Flower Vase

2. Glue Gun Painted Snowflakes:

If there are winters, Christmas or Easter time, we decorate our house with the things related to the theme of the festival, snowflakes is used widely for the decoration, we can make the snowflakes with the hot glue gun only, take the butter paper, now draw the snowflakes with the glue gun, the thickness should be same without any gap in it, cool it down, now take the nail paint of the different colors and paint the snowflakes in the different pattern.

 Glue Gun Painted Snowflakes

3. Glue Gun Coasters:

Coasters are used for the many purposes, you can use it in your kitchen,you can use the coasters for the tea, coffee, wine glass, there are many types of the coasters in the market, but we can make the rustic coasters with the glue gun, you need to take the twine, apply the glue to the end with the glue gun, now roll it, apply the glue to the corners and then follow the pattern to make the circular disk in the shape of the coaster, place the wine glass on it, make at least 10 coasters for the party.

Glue Gun Coasters

4. Hot Glue Earring:

Earing is loved by most of the women and girls, it add charms to their look, there are many expensive earing in the market, it is easy to make the metallic look glue earing, for this you need to make the drops of the earing and make them flat, allow them to cool down, take the paint and the brush and then paint the balls in different colors, stick them together with the glue, to make the pattern, stick the earing hook to one of the drop, you need to make the two earing with the same pattern.

 Hot Glue Earring

5. Glue Candle Votive:

Candle votive comes in so many designs, they are pretty expensive as they increase the light of the candles, we can also make the designer votive by the hot glue gun only, for this you need to take the empty glass, now take the hot glue gun and make the design on the glass as you want with the glue, make the glue dry, now take the fine brush, add colors to it and paint the glue, you can apply many colors also, place the candle in it and enjoy the glue candle votive.

Glue Candle Votive

6. Glue Beach Mirror:

There are so many things that we get on the beach, like the seashells, oysters, corals and many more, many beautiful crafts are made by them also, you can make the beach mirror by using the hot glue gun, take the mirror, take out the frame of it, now take the hot glue gun and apply the glue to the frame, now place the seashells, oysters, corals, star fish on the it, press it and leave it for sometime, hang the mirror to the wall, glue beach mirror is ready.

Glue Beach Mirror

7. Glue Heart Pendant:

Heart pendant is just like the real heart for the anyone, we love to wear the pendant in the heart shape, so if we go gold or diamond pendant, then it cost us much, so we can make the amazing heart pendant with the gold also, for this we need to draw the outer design of the pendant with the glue, then we fill it with the glue and make it slightly thick, add the artificial diamond to it, insert the chain hook in it, leave it for dry, paint with the light pink color, add the chain and wear it or gift it.

Glue Heart Pendant