7 Easy Amazing Neon Crafts By Your Own At Home

Neon Crafts By Your Own At Home

If we want to decorate the things in the style used in the 80’s, then you should use the neon paper, you can use the neon paper or the neon colors in the different style and make the flowers, photo frame, wall paper and many things, these paper come in different color and they are easy available, you can gift someone your creative art work of the neon paper also, here are some of the crafts, that you can easily make by your own with the help of the beautiful neon papers.

1. Neon Lamp:

If you want to make the lamp by your own, then you can make the lamp by your own, neon lamp can be a best option for you, in this you need to take the sheet of about the 15 inches in length and 15 inches in width, now place this on the board, now with the help of the pen and the ruler, draw the triangles on it, the triangles should be of different sizes and two triangles should not touch each other, now you cut these triangle with the paper cutter and take it out, now stick the two edges of the paper and add the bulb in it, hang it, your neon lamp is ready to eat.

Neon Lamp

2. Glowing Note Book:

If the cover page of your note book is damaged and the note book has some of the important thing in it, so you can give it a new look by using the neon paper, here you need to take the neon paper of different colors, now take the stencil of the small circles, star and any other designs, place the stencil on it and cut the neon paper in the style, fix the neon paper on the books as the pattern you want, your book will have new look now.

Glowing Note Book

3. Neon T-shirts:

If you have a plain t-shirt and you get bored of wearing it number of times, but the t shirt is expensive, then you can give a new look to your t-shirt, for this you need to take the neon colors, now take the wide brush, add the colors to it, now draw strips on the t-shirt, left lower side of the t-shirt, make 4 strips of about the 1 inch in thickness of different color, make it dry and wear it again, your t-shirt will have a new look now.

Neon T-shirts

4. Neon Hanging Neon Floral Wreath:

You can decorate you wall with the floral wreath which is made by the neon paper, first you need to take the neon papers of the different colors, now you need to cut it in the shape of the flower, cut again the flower in the same style but the size should be slightly bigger than the earlier one, prepare the 4 different sizes, now take the pin, first place the bigger one, now place the flower on it, pin up the flower, slightly bend it to the up, make as much of the flowers, now take the cardboard of in the circle, stick the flower on it, add the thread in it and hang it.

 Neon Hanging Neon Floral Wreath

5. Neon Necklace:

If you want a glowing necklace for yourself, then you can try the neon necklace, in this you need to have neon color of pink color, take the white clay, now insert a pin in it and make a hole in it, take the at least 10 clay, brush it with the neon paint, make it dry, take the chain, add pearl of the thickness more that the hole of the clay, now insert the chain in it and fix the pearl in the hole, do it with all the clay, make it dry and wear it.

Neon Necklace

6. Neon Shoes:

If your expensive shoes are old and you want to make them attractive, then you can go with the neon fluorescent colors, all you need to take the shoes, now with the help of the brush, you should coat 2 layers of the neon colors on it, make sure you should cover all the parts of the shoes, you can also choose any patters also, leave it to make it dry, now wear the shoes, in the small light it will start glowing.

Neon Shoes

7. Neon Model Magic Cup:

If you have any cup which is not in use, then you can make it attractive by the neon model magic, just take the cup, now cut the model magic cup of the different cups in the different styles and then fix it on the cup vertically, cut the edges and fold it, leave it, your glowing neon cup is ready.

Neon Model Magic Cup