7 Dramatic Solar Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up The Outdoors In Style

7 Dramatic Solar Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up The Outdoors In Style

Looking to add some lighting to your outdoor space? Why go for artificial lighting and burn your pocket when nature has given us free power.  Free power? Yes, we mean solar energy and the environment-friendly solar lights. If you have clear passage to the sunrays, jazz up your outdoor space with the cool solar lights. This eco-friendly model has solar panels, which collect solar energy during day and can be turned on as darkness envelops. These days, solar lights are available in a range of options from hanging lanterns to path lights. In order to maximize efficiency of these lights place them in the sunniest location. Here we have listed eight solar lighting ideas to brighten up your outdoors in style, check out.

Solar Lighting Ideas For Outdoors:

1. Solar Lanterns:

The cut out metal solar lanterns not only brightens your patio or yard, but also add beauty with their colors and designs. It can either be used as tabletop lights or hang down ones. The light these lanterns emit and shadow they cast create an amazing effect.

Solar Lanterns

2. Garden Flower Lights

Colorful flowers make the garden livelier and the environment pleasant and enjoyable during day time, but what about night? If you want your garden to shine with bright color flowers even at night, then you can go for glass flower solar lights. They create a wonderful environment and most importantly live every season vivifying the beauty of your garden.


Garden Flower Lights

3. Color Changing Lights:

The globular plastic lights with rechargeable battery make an interesting decor for outdoors because of the shape and the bright colors. The most important fact about these lights is the change of color that occurs every few seconds. Just hang them down in your balcony or yard, the rainbow colors will spruce up the space and enlighten the night.

Color Changing Lights

4. Solar Tea Lights:

Tea lights an elegant idea to lighten up the yard, especially when you have walls and well designed pathways. Either white or colored, the soft glow they add give enough illumination in the dark and make the space look pretty at dusk.

Solar Tea Lights

5. Solar Mason Jars:

Although these look similar to the regular mason jars, the secret lies below the glass lid where a solar panel is fixed. These solar panels are activated once the lights go off emitting ultra soothing light. These mason jars are perfect outdoor décor to enliven a beautiful evening.

Solar Mason Jars


6. Solar Illuminated Planters:

If you want to bring a happy glow to your poolside, pond or patio with a simple yet a visually stunning way, then go for solar light planters. The contrast these planter lights bring against the foliage and flowers is simply amazing. Powered by the solar energy, these luminous planters cast a magical glow when dusk falls. Just spread them out all through your outdoor area to enjoy graceful nighttime glow. You can choose single color or color-changing mode and it glows for almost 6 – 8 hours when fully charged. You can display these solar-powered planters anywhere you wish, as no extension cords or outlets are required. Although you can display it individually, it would add a dramatic dimension to your garden when displayed in multiples.

Solar Illuminated Planters


7. Solar Glass Brick Lights:

These glass bricks are ideal for outdoor space, especially driveways, garages, carports, entryways and much more. These stylish lights are charged during daytime using sun energy and automatically illuminates at night.

 Solar Glass Brick Lights