7 Dramatic Mediterranean Garden Design Ideas

7 Dramatic Mediterranean Garden Design Ideas

Want to bring the Mediterranean luxury, romance and delight to your yard or outdoor space? The solution is very simple. Yes, just plan a small Mediterranean style garden. Are you thinking how you can design such a lavish style garden in your yard? Do not worry, just extract a few exclusive ideas from the landscape design and use those in your yard to set the mood. Still confused how to do it?Here We Have Listed Five Simple Ideas To Help You With It. Have A Look To Get Some Ideas:

Mediterranean Garden Design Ideas:

1. Ascent:

Circular step that narrow as you move towards the top is a superb idea to add Mediterranean touch to your garden. Steps built of either stones or flagstones would look great. Raised planters along the sides of the steps with beautiful creepers or colorful flower spills would make the pathway look stunning.


2. Pots:

Terracotta pots are an integral part of the Mediterranean gardens not just for the warm, bold colors, but for the shape, size and character they add to the landscape. Especially, the v-shaped large pots are used as a mini-focal point in the garden. The pots can be placed in clusters nearby the seating area, along the pathway or simply in the middle of a flower bed. Avoid plastic pots, as they absorb the heat. Always go for clay pots, as they remain cool through evaporation.


3. Plants:

Bright and colorful flowering plants constitute the Mediterranean garden flower beds and borders. Especially, purple and violet colored flowering plants are the very first color that comes to mind when you say Mediterranean style garden. However, do not limit your garden with the most common colors. Instead go for a wide range of colors such as bright yellow, sunset orange, hues of blue, pink, white, etc. You can also add fragrance to the garden by planting scented plants such as rosemary, thyme, sage, etc.


4. Pergola:

A shady seated area in the garden is equal to paradise. Especially, during summer, when you want to enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea in your garden, there cannot be a better place than a pergola. In Mediterranean garden, pergolas make a striking feature. Just let the garden climbing roses trail along the pergola to add more beauty and serenity. Moreover, these seating areas are an inviting extension of your house that adds beauty and intimacy to the garden area.


5. Water Element:

Water elements are a fascinating feature in the Mediterranean garden not just for the coolness they provide in the hot weather, but also for the delight they add through the flowing sound and interest they add as a visual element.  The shine they add by reflecting light is another interesting factor that adds to the beauty of the garden. Either a fountain or a pond or a pool or a small stream, all create a pleasant environment and attract birds and butterflies to the garden.

 Water Element

6. Gravel Floor:

Lawns are considerably reduced or totally eliminated from the Mediterranean gardens because of little water or drought periods. Instead, the floor is replaced with gravel or paving or a blend of both. The gravel floor will reduce water usage considerably. Besides, it also needs less maintenance.

Gravel Floor

7. Mediterranean Tiles:

Moorish mosaic and glazed colored tiles are quite decorative. These tiles could be used to adorn patio floors or walls. The vivid colors and rich combination of color and patterns create dramatic color accents that will beautifully brighten up your garden area.

Mediterranean Tiles