7 Decorative Easter Wreath Ideas To Your Home By Your Own

Easter Wreath Ideas To Your Home By Your Own

People things decoration of the home is so hard and it takes a good amount of the money, but it is so easy to decorate the house without spending much, there are many things we can use to decoration and they look so amazing. In Easter we decorate all parts of the home, we can use homemade wreath to for decoration, you can hang the wreath to the doors.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Ideas Of Making The Wreath To Beautify Your Home During The Easter:

1. Green Grass Wreath:


If you want to decorate your house in the nature style, then you can go with the grass wreath, you need to cut the thick circle of the board, add the glue to it,  now take the real green grass, spread it on the circle, leave it for sometime, shake it so that all the remaining grass will be removed, now take the artificial flower and stick them on the grass, take the long broad strip and then make the chain of it, hang the wreath to the desired place.

Green Grass Wreath

2. Nest Wreath For Easter:

Making a wreath of the nest is the most amazing idea to decorate the house and it is loved by the kids, you need to take the dried branches of the trees, now make the circle of it, tie it to many points, so that the branches will not come out, now take the dry grass, stick it to the wreath to give it the shape of the nest, now take the plastic nest and stick all of them also, add the ribbon chain and hang it to desired place.

Nest Wreath For Easter

3. Square Garden Easter Wreath:

This is a new style to make the wreath for the Easter. You need to take the square photo frame, take out the glass of it, take the card board of the same size of the square frame, now to the corners of the board, add the glue, stick the grass to it, now place the frame on it and fix it with the hot glue, now paint the plastic eggs and the glue to it, now stick all the eggs to grass, add the ribbon and hang it.

Square Garden Easter Wreath

4. Christmas Ball Easter Wreath:

Christmas balls look shiny and attractive, we can make a wreath of the Christmas balls for the Easter, for this you need Christmas ball, stars, small trumpet, glue, now take the balls, glue all the balls, stick each balls to each other like that you can make a big and thick circle of it, add the stars and trumpet on the balls also, you can add many designer things also, leave it for sometime and place it to the desired place.

Christmas Ball Easter Wreath

5. Easter Bunny Wreath:

Bunny is the important character for the Easter and without it you cannot decorate the home for the Easter, you can make the bunny wreath also, all you need to make two thick circular hole disk by the grapevine, one should be bigger and other should be smaller, now take the thread of the same color and fix both of them to make the letter 8, now fold the grapevine to make the ears of the bunny, now take the small Easter egg and decorate the bunny with it, stick a big ribbon in the middle and then decorate your house with the Easter bunny.

Easter Bunny Wreath

6. Burlap Wreath For Easter:

Burlap can be used to decorate many thing, burlap gives the rustic and the natural look to the things, burlap wreath is the perfectly match with the Easter decoration, it is easy to make, you need a round board, now take the strips of the burlap, roll all the strips and stick all the burlap on the board with the glue, make the nest of the small grapevine, stick it to the burlap, now place the eggs inside the eggs, add the artificial grass with the flowers to it, hang it to the desired place for the Easter celebrations.

Burlap Wreath For Easter

7. Yarn Egg Easter Wreath:

Easter without Easter eggs is impossible, but if you want to make a wreath in a different style by the Easter egg, then you can go with the yarn egg Easter wreath, you need yarn of many colors and the glue, now take the yarn make the balls of it, now press the balls one side and give it the shape of the egg, make other yarn eggs, now stick all the yarns eggs in a circular disk in a wreath style, you can sprinkle the glitters on it, place this yarn egg wreath on the dinning table on Easter day.

Yarn Egg Easter Wreath