7 Colorful Home Office With A Mid-Century Modern Vibe

Mid-Century Modern Vibe

Work at home is a well-known concept these days. Even we are working at home we need a specific work space for concentrating and properly keeping papers and stationary. Most of us create this space quite serious, clumsy and gloomy. Well, maybe you do creative job that needs some inspiration, boldness and freshness. So, it is important to decorate your home office with attractive features.

We Are Going To Mention A Few Colourful Home Office Décors That Can Inspire You.

1. Turquoise And Pink Shade Home Office

The room is in white colour which is a bright colour. Our advantage in this small room is it has two windows for enough sunlight. To add some colours in it arrange a turquoise sofa. You need a table for placing your laptop or computer so buy a wooden plain table, with two colourful chairs. Place a small sky table and place small boxes beside the sofa. Decorate the walls with abstract paintings.

Turquoise And Pink Shade Home Office

2. Small Corner Home Office

If you can’t afford a whole room for your office then create a separate one in a room. Select a corner of the room and set up your furniture. Choose something mid –century modern kind of furniture for a fresh look. Buy a wooden simple study table with two side drawers. Instead of a wooden chair, buy a wrought iron black stylish chair. Place a furry rug on it for comfort.

Small Corner Home Office

3. Painting And Curtain Decor

If you have a small store room, then do some makeover and convert it in the home office. Hang a nice bright turquoise colour curtain; cover the wall with nice abstract paintings for adding colours. Arrange two modern chairs and a simple but stylish study table. Place a small size wooden chest for documents and cover the floor with a colourful floor rug. Your own colourful home office is ready.

Painting And Curtain Decor

4. Orange Casual Decor

If you don’t like any formal get up in your home office then why not give it a colourful comfy look. Use the corner space with a wooden book shelf and add a red colour sofa, a comfy chair in orange colour. Set up a wooden bench just under the window with orange colour cushion. The center table also has the orange colour. Orange is a bright, cheerfulcolour that will definitely enhance your mood and give you some inspiration.

Orange Casual Decor

5. Sophisticated Home Office Decor

Paint the room in white colour, including the wall shelf. Place your documents and files on this shelf. On the other wall hang a dark colour painting and place a small chest. Now buy a modern looking table for your work. May be it is made of glass with wooden legs. Arrange three black comfy official chairs. The entire décor will say your taste.

Sophisticated Home Office Decor

6. Chalkboard And Modern Decor

If you teach or do some creative work then why not set up a chalkboard on a wall. Hang paintings on other walls. Set a wooden table with some white colour stylish chairs and a white chest for documents and accessories.

Chalkboard And Modern Decor

7. Interesting Modern Decor

Don’t cover all the room, but took a portion of the room for your home office. Decorate the place with two big shelves with pictures, lots of show pieces and books. Arrange a wooden old style large table with drawer facility and a simple comfy chair.

Interesting Modern Decor