7 Amazing Vintage Decorations That You Use For Your Garden Area

Garden Area

Vintage themes are so popular these days that people want to add small, pretty elements that would bring in a vintage vibe to the outdoor or indoor space. Even in the garden, vintage decor is picking up popularity creating an old, historic feeling. If you have been thinking of adding something vintage to your garden, check out a few ideas listed below. We are sure these ideas will impress and inspire you.

Vintage Decorations For Your Garden:

1. Tea Cups:

Vintage cup and saucer make great decor in the garden. Either used as planters or simple hanging decors, they add a unique vibe and charm with the vintage designs. Even vintage kettles can be transformed into planters and hung down in the garden or placed on tables or windowsills for an eclectic look.

 Tea Cups

2. Old Bike:

Old, time worn bicycles in your garage is an extremely beautiful décor when you want add a vintage vibe to your garden. Affix planters to the carrier, handle and pedals. Leave it rusted or paint it with rustic brown color and leave it rested against a tree trunk, fence or wall.

Old Bike

3. Bird Cage:

Vintage bird cages are again an amazing embellishment to amp up the look of the garden. They make extraordinary hanging planters. The vines and succulents hanging down through the bars and the swinging cage plantar according to the rhythm of the wind creates an amazing atmosphere. Painted white or black or left rustic, weather worn, they have are a fascinating décor.

Bird Cage

4. Furniture:

Antique garden seats from flea market or auction houses are perfect to bring in the vintage feel to your garden. Especially, wrought iron furniture is cool and romantic whether painted white or left with distressed paint. Use soft white or grey fabric with vintage prints if the furniture is placed in a secluded area to add elegance. Besides vintage furniture, you can also include a salvaged part of old doors, window frames, old fence, bed headboard or a metal bed frame to add a unique personality to your garden décor. This vintage style décor gives a distinctive touch to your garden design.


5. Stone Fountain:

Water is an important element that can change the atmosphere into the most fascinating one. Especially, fountains are pleasing to eyes, ears and mind. If you want to add a vintage vibe to your garden by adding a fountain, just choose a stone fountain. It will be a wonderful addition to the theme that will create a fun filled atmosphere.

Stone Fountain

6. Coal Stoves:

Using a stove range or a broken oven as a planter is a great way to recycle and also add a vintage touch to your garden. You can create a pretty garden decoration using the old stove or oven with blossoming plants. It is also a chic way to personalize your outdoor space.

Coal Stoves

7. Antique Cart:

Every garden area needs a central focal point like vintage furniture, decorative bridge or vintage style garden décor that is made with recycled or repurposed material. One such décor item that can add charm to your backyard, front yard or your garden is an antique cart. This retro style vintage decoration with blooming flowers adds a rustic look to your yard. You can pick seasonal flowers and native plants that bring wonderful color to your garden. The perennials native to the region will also create an inviting look.

Antique Cart