7 Amazing DIY Smartphone Cases That You Can Make With Trendy Accessories

 DIY Smartphone Cases

Looking for a customized, matchless and trendy Smartphone case to make a statement? Investing on a designer phone case can be expensive, but why do that when you can create your own exclusive, one of the kind DIY cases. With simple crafty ideas and lots of imagination, fashion your phone case every week and leave everyone envious and curious about how and where you got these trendy accessories.

DIY Smartphone Cases:

1. Washi Tape:

Washi tape is an artist’s obsession for the beautiful crafts one can create using it. The tantalizing colors, texture and patterns inspire you to get more creative and transform a boring, plain, dull smartphone case into a lovely, attractive, customized one. Choose washi tape of your choice and start placing the strips in the pattern you want on the backside of your phone’s case. You want to create geometric patterns or floral or contemporary designs, all are possible with washi tape.

Washi Tape

2. Nail Polish Art:

Take inspiration from your nail art to make a unique yet more personalized smartphone case that speak your personality. It is time to pull out those extra nail paints from your drawer to jazz up your plain phone case. Draw simple colorful polka dots or stripes or zig zag on the backside of your phone case and make it look just amazing. Add glitter to add a bit of sparkle to your phone case.

Nail Polish Art

3. Beautiful Water Color Mess:

Hey budding artist, it is time to showcase your color mess you created recently in the sweetest way and impress your friends. Yes, just cut your watercolor painting to fit in the size of your see-through phone case and glue it together. Your arty phone case is all ready to make an impression.

 Beautiful Water Color Mess

4. Cross Stitch Case:

A cross stitch case is very much original and feminine and girls will go gaga over it. Take a silicone case with holes punched so that you can pass the threaded needle through the holes to create whatever design you want. Choose a pattern and various colored threads to suit the pattern you have selected and begin your cross stitch.

Cross Stitch Case

5. Button Case:

Yet another cute and whimsical phone case that is truly cute as a button is this one made using a plethora of buttons. Collect vibrantly colored buttons of different sizes and start gluing them onto the backside of your transparent phone case. Glue them to create a specific pattern so that it looks charming. Once it dries, slip on onto your phone.

Button Case

6. Pressed Flowers Case:

Do you love flowers? Well, why not adorn your phone case too with pretty pressed flowers that adds a touch of nature to an ordinary gadget. You can make pressed flowers by placing them in a heavy book or using a flower press. Else, you can buy pressed flowers from a craft store. You can use any of your favorite flowers such as carnation petals, tulip petals, wax flowers, hydrangeas etc. for this project. Dab glue on the flowers and arrange them in any kind floral arrangement you like. Mix hardener and resin in a glass stir. Pour a small amount of this mixture on the case and spread it evenly using a craft stick. Allow it to dry and your embellished pressed flower phone case is ready to brighten up your day.

Pressed Flowers Case

7. Pearl Case:

Apply glue on a transparent mobile case and then cover the entire case with pearls. You can further embellish the case with polymer flowers, mirrors, beads, glitter, buttons, studs and other such fun embellishments to enhance its appeal. You can choose pearls in your favorite colors of pink, white black etc.

Pearl Case