7 Amazing Deocrative Ideas For The Handmade Photo Crafts

Deocrative Ideas For The Handmade Photo Crafts

As we are getting old, the one thing to remember the beautiful past are the photos, as we see any captured moment, it is just like moment is happening again, this is the reason we always save our photos just like the precious jewelry, but photos can be damaged easily, but we can also make some of the decorative things by which we can save our photos, these crafts can make your living room memorable.

Here Are Some Of The Ways By Which We Can Make Crafts By The Photos:

1. Bottle Cap Rustic Photo Magnet:

We have the passport size photographs in our house and we have the glass bottles also with the caps on it, we can make the craft of the bottle caps, all you need to clean the back side of the bottle caps, now take the photo cut it according the size of the photo, now take the glue, apply the glue in it, now place the photo to it, leave it for sometime, now place a small magnet to the cap, stick it to the refrigerator and other place.

Bottle Cap Rustic Photo Magnet

2. Candle Of The Photo:

You can also make the amazing candles by the photo, for this you need to take the printout of the photo as per the length of the candle, now take the wax paper, make it clean, now place the photo on the sides of the candle, wrap the wax paper to it, take the tape and stick it at the back, so that the paper will not move, now take the hot air gun, apply the hot air gently, so that the wax will be melted and the photo will stick to the candle.

Candle Of The Photo

3. Letters Of Photo:

Letters made by the photo is looking so good, the first letter of your name can shown your whole journey of your life, you need to take the cardboard, cut it in the shape of the letter, the size you can select, now take the glue apply it on all over the letter, now take the photos and fix it on the cardboard, you need to fill all the parts of the letters with the photo, you can place it to the side table, along with the table lamp.

Letters Of Photo

4. DIY Photo Ceramic Ornaments:

We have the ceramic ornaments in our home, after sometime they have lost their charm and we throw them, but we can make the beautiful craft with it, we need to take the photos, cut it according to the shape of the ceramic ornaments, first you need to apply the glue to the back side of the photo, now fix it according to the size of the ornaments, now take the butter paper, blow hot air on it, cut out the excess part of the butter paper, photo ceramic ornament is ready.

DIY Photo Ceramic Ornaments

5. Wood Block Slice Photo Craft:

If you want to make any rustic photo craft, then wood block slice photo can be a best option, for this you need to have the wooden block, cut the slices of it, now with the buffing tool, make the smooth and even surface, now clean it with the cotton cloth, take the photo of your loved one, cut it in the shape of the wooden slice, now apply the glue on it, fix the photo on it, leave it so that the photo can stick on it the slices, now place it to the living room.

Wood Block Slice Photo Craft

6. Lego Play With Photo Puzzle:

Lego is a puzzle playing tool and kids love to play with it, there are blocks which are to be attached to get the different amazing crafts, we can also transfer the images of ourselves to the Lego and then kids will join them to get the perfect photo puzzle, you need to first place the photo to the blocks of the lego, now cut the photo according to the different blocks of the Lego, take the hot glue gun, apply a thin layer of the glue on it, now fix the photo, according to the real photo, give it to your kid to play with it.

Lego Play With Photo Puzzle

7. Table Lamp By Photo:

There are some of the photos, that we love to have with us always, so we can transfer them to the table lamp, it is so simple to do, first you need to set the pattern of the photos on the lamp, then you need to apply the glue to the back side of the photos, place it according to the set pattern, leave it to get dry, place this to the side of the table, now add the plug of the lamp to the electricity board, your photo table lamp is ready to use.

Table Lamp By Photo