60 Best Furniture Makeover DIY Projects

Furniture Makeover

Here are 60 ways you must try to give your house the taste of reinvention, after all, anything that saves your money is always a good thing.

60 Best Furniture Makeover DIY Projects

Bathroom Etagere:

A vertical iron stand mainly known for its French make is quite often witnessed in the garage holding the many automobile types of equipment, but what if we plan to make it a part of our interior. While the pitch black rusty iron build may look hideous, they can always be tinted with some silver paint or any other colour of our choice to become a perfect bathroom etagere or bathroom accessory holder.

Bathroom Etagere

Mini Store Cabinet:

The mini almiras for few may be vintage but for many is junk, how about giving those small cupboards a slight touch of white or how about ivory to refurbish them into an elegant vintage collectible. They can be used for anything right from shoe cupboards to utility holders in the kitchen or bedroom.

Old Mirror into Cafe Menu Board:

Remember those old wooden carcasses that held mirrors lost its charm eventually with passing time. Such broken or intact mirrors can be of perfect use to those who own café. They can be converted into a café menu board with some paint for the carcass and a black or white washout for the mirror.

Old Mirror into Cafe Menu Board

Spray the Pots:

Old pickle jars or vases can always be made to look brand new with some spray paint, if you add some sparkling elements in the paint while doing so, the pieces will look ecstatic enough to be tagged as a perfect centerpiece.

Old Lamp Shades:

They were once the light holders but today can be a mode of adding art deco to your home. Instead of colouring it, one can always sketch out various abstract designs or even try some caricatures to make it look quirky and chic.

Old Lamp Shades

Photo Frame Book Shelves:

Why own an entire book shelf when you can convert your boring photo frames into one. With the immense space they own in them you can always take the centre off to place few books in a slant position. While frames today are sleek, the earlier ones held perfect thickness to easily accommodate 4 to 5 books

House of Mirrors:

Just a couple of old and worn out mirrors can give your house the touch of elegance. Paint the sides with white and frame it right to place it either in the living area or even the bathroom.

House of Mirrors

Antique Study Table:

Converting the old writing desk into an antique study table can be a good way to give your bedroom a little touch of the Victorian era.

End Tables:

Why run to the furniture mart just to bring new end tables, rather you could easily convert the existing one into a brand new furniture piece. Paint it with a mix of gold and light brown colour and replace the handles with some funky holders and there you are.

End Tables

Book Case To Spice Holder:

Those with open kitchens often crib of not having the right furniture. So here is simple advice, just pack those books and move the case to the kitchen, add some paint to it and place your spices.

Funky Chair:

Remember the old cane chairs that when purchased looked charming today are almost nonexistent. You can actually get the cushion seat changed with a funky fabric and pain the rest in plain white of black to add the quirky bit to your room or even café.

Funky Chair

Play Kitchen:

Gift your young daughter, niece or granddaughter her very own kitchen play set with converting your night stands into a mini kitchen set. Paint the entire wooden structure with adding sketches of a stove and change the below folding desk into an sliding oven.

Pallet Book Case:

Giving your old wobbly bookcase some strength with those cheap pallets you get in the market.

Pallet Book Case

Fashion Wood Furniture:

You need not always make it look antique or old school, but can always add magazine covers or quirky wallpapers to add the fashion element to it.

Textured Table Top:

For those who wooden table tops, please get the sand paper and some acrylic paint to add the hint of texture which then will need no table cloth but in itself will be an art piece.

Alphabet Chairs:

Give your child’s room a touch of the blackboard by adding few alphabet imprinted fabrics to the chair cushion or even curtains.

Alphabet Chairs

Colour Blocking Wood Chest:

Just because they are wood you need not just do with it, but how about adding some colours to the panels and swaying into the current trend of contrast colour blocking.

Shaded Cabinet:

While the outside may look elegant you could always paint the inside of these cabinets with various colour just to add that little drama to an old boring space holder.

Garden Buffet Tables:

Mainly used at bungalow, the buffet tables are the charm at a house party holding the entire menu on it. But what if you can add some in-built hot plates and burners just to make it like a live kitchen, where food stays as if it has just come out of the kitchen.

Garden Buffet Tables

An Entrance Dressing Table:

It may sound funny but your dressing table can always hold a beautiful flower vase at the entrance of your house with mirror wall with hooks that can hold onto home and car keys.

French Book Antique Attics:

The French make book shelves in it are an art-piece, so why flank it with books, when you can always keep it as an antique holder from clocks to candles and other small artifacts.

Dresser To Living Room:

From a French made dressing table, you can always shift it to the living area painting it complete white, placing a candle stand and incense burner on it.

Dresser To Living Room

Old To Gold:

Convert your old rusty dresser into an antique gold embellished horizontal almira by painting it dark brown and changing the handles to matt finish gold ones.

Quirky Faux Bamboo Chest:

The bamboo furniture are relatively cheaper than the rest, so all you need is a chest made of bamboo and some quirky colour paint to revamp it into something unusual yet elegant .

Quirky Faux Bamboo Chest

Drawer Less Dresser:

Just because they don’t have drawers you neeed not ignore them, all it needs is paint, screws and for the empty spaces some contrasting embellished boxes of the size. And that’s it look at the antique living room dresser.

Wooden Furniture Colour Makeover:

With those who hold only wooden furniture, can always paint each of their room’s furniture in different colours to add some interesting elements to the boring home.

Wooden Furniture Colour Makeover

Computer Table Mini Kitchen:

How about making your computer table into a mini kitchen set? The stove for your monitor, the cylinder for your CPU and the spices for your keyboard, see utility at its best.

Bedroom Bookshelf:

It’s a task to drag oneself to another room for books, to invest in some old book shelves and add a bit of colour to it making it your reading area in the bedroom.

Bedroom Bookshelf

Revamp Antique Dressers:

The oldest is what we must fetch as they are easy to be refurbished into a brand new looking dresser.

French Wash Basin Cabinets:

Cover your wash basins with some old French cabinets and you will surely love the looking at yourself each time your wash your hands.

French Wash Basin Cabinets

Dresser To TV Stand:

How about replacing the TV with the attached mirror of a dresser and posing it with two flower vases next to it?

Decoupage It:

Just change anything with magic of glue sticking colour papers and decoupage the entire look of the furniture.

In Built Flower Vase Dining Table:

Just add some artificial flowers between the dining table top and the wooden/iron horizontal pallet.

Vintage To Quirky:

Make those vintage arm-resting chairs into a quirky modernized seater. Change the fabric of the cushion and paint the wooden Caracas.

Vintage To Quirky


Camouflage those rusted glass cabinets or broken wooden tables with some gift wrapping paper or wall paper to give it a new look .

Metal Patio Chairs:

Let the metal patio chairs look brand new with some sandpaper, coat of rustoleum and paint to look brand new.

Metal Patio Chairs

A Vault Cupboard:

How about changing the old big vaults into a safe cupboard for your expensive clothes? After clothes are the true treasures of a fashionista.

Lamp Stand Table:

Paint those old non working lamp stands and place a glass pallet over it to convert into a table.

Lamp Stand Table

Kid Print Tables:

Let your dining table get a taste of the kid’s imagination with telling them to doddle on the dining table top and cover it with a glass slab later.

Computer Garden Table:

Ever thought how much a computer table could do better in a garden? Make the computer table into a flower pot holder in your garden by taking off all the shelf doors and keeping it open.

Dramatic Sketches:

It is always best to add some drama to your pale looking house. Paint the dressers and cupboards with caricatures or even incidents occurrences of your home to add that missing oomph.

Rot Iron Tables:

They may look rusty but a scrub of sand paper and paint the tables can actually brand new as if they were just made.

Rot Iron Tables

Chair Cover:

All you need for this an old chair with proper cushion and fabric stitched in a way that it envelopes the entire chair making it look clean.

Chair Cover

Pool Pond:

Have an empty garden? Just convert those old bath tubs/ mini plastic pools into a pond by either plastering it with POP or digging it inside the ground.

Three Way Hide Out:

With the three way doors being a perfect example of storage, you can always attach it to the wall, get the doors off to add either some collectible or may be flower vase.

Polka Dotted Chairs:

Paint those dining table chairs with some colourful polka dots to enjoy the trend of 60s even in your home.

Polka Dotted Chairs

Vault Table:

Brinig back the flavours of antique is the vault table that forms the centre of attraction when kept in the middle of the room.

Trunk Diwan:

Covering your trunks with some cushiony mattress and then with a cloth is a perfect way to add some seating furniture in your house.

Window Doors:

Give your bedroom doors a taste of fables with carved mini windows in the centre of the door cover with glass or colourful paper, just the way we saw in Snow White and Cindrella.

Chocolate Vase:

Convert your see through glass vase into a chocolate jar that can be kept at the entrance for all the guest who enter.

Chocolate Vase

Cushion Chairs:

Heard of a substitute for bean bags, the large cushion chairs that once tossed over each other become a comfortable seat.

Kitchen Trolley Tea Serve:

Add some wheels to your old Kitchen trolley and make it a perfect trolley while serving tea and cake to the guest.

Vase Lamp:

Adding a trail of rice lights to a glass lamp you can convert it into a lamp cum vase with or without the flowers.

Vase Lamp

Book Stand:

Stack up the entire old book collection that cannot be read and attached tem with hard glue or string. Align it either with POP or a wooden pallet to then be converted into a sleek stand.

Dish Cassette Holders:

Make your old dish holder do some work by thoroughly painting them to hold your discs and old cassettes.

Bar Stool To Stands:

Convert the old bar stools into attractive stands using paint and glitter.

Glass Painting:

How about making your glass top tables at home into a horizontal art exhibit?

Glass Painting

Hanging Shades:

Bring home those useless tall lamp shades and attached hooks to change it to coat and hat holder.

Hanger Drama:

Hangers are worth creating a drama when painted in various colours to hang floating flower pots on them.

Glass Cabinet To Bar:

Convert the old glass cabinets into a bar by just mending the hinges and colouring the wood around.

Glass Cabinet To Bar