6 Ways To Upcycle Empty Laundry Detergent Bottles

Upcycle Empty Laundry Detergent Bottles

Look around your house and you are sure to find a dozen empty plastic bottles ready to be trashed. Plastic bottles, especially the ones that are used frequently like laundry detergent bottles, are found in almost every household. The detergent bottle, once empty is a waste, and has to be thrown off. You can however re-purpose the bottles to make simple crafts that are creative and fun.

1. Ball Catcher:

Do your kids enjoy the ball and cup game? Then quickly get an empty laundry detergent bottle and clean it up and cut the side .The handle should be intact. Your cup is ready and all you need now is a ball to engage your children in the ball and cup game. Play in your backyard or take them out to a beach, whatever is the weather outside, the ball and cup game is a favorite among kids.
Ball Catcher

2. Bird Feeder:

You can also recycle an empty laundry detergent bottle to convert it into a bird feeder. All that you need to do is to cut a hole in the center front, big enough that little birds can get into it. You can put the bird feed in this. The birds would be able to get in and feed on the food in this little shelter. You can hang it from a tree. Paint it with bright colors so that it looks pretty.

 Bird Feeder

3.Flower Vase:

Convert an empty laundry detergent bottle to a beautiful flower vase. Clean the bottle and cut out from the top. Leave the opening as it is. You can now use your imagination and creativity to paint pictures or color the plastic bottle with bright and vibrant colors. Put some flowers in the bottle and your flower vase is ready. It looks pretty and can be used as a decorative piece to be kept in your living room or bed room.

Flower Vase

4. Open Storage Box:

Take an empty laundry detergent bottle and clean it thoroughly. Finely cut the top in a slant to make an open storage box. Decorate the outside with printed papers, paint or pictures and make it colorful. You can now keep books or your craft items in this storage container.

Open Storage Box

5. Pull Along Toy:

You can turn the empty plastic laundry detergent bottle to make a pull along toy with wheels for your toddler. Just cut out the laundry bottle from the side and cover it with a hard paper. Attach for wheels on its four corners and a string from its cap. The string lets your child pull the toy and he would enjoy seeing the wheel rotate as he pulls the toy.

Pull Along Toy

6. Lamp:

Use an empty laundry bottle to make a lamp. Keep the cap intact and cut the bottle from the base. You can give it different shapes and patterns so that it looks interesting and unique. You can also paint the cut bottle with colors of your choice. Pierce a small hole in the cap. Get a yellow colored bulb and place it below the cap and pull its wire from the cap to connect it to an electric source. You can now hang the lamp from the ceiling of your room.


These DIY crafts made from empty laundry detergent bottle are not only unique and interesting but also do not cost you a lot of money. It is also good step towards saving the environment. So use your creativity and recycle these empty bottles to make some creative crafts.