6 Surprisingly Easy DIY Fruit Fly Repellents

Surprisingly Easy DIY Fruit Fly Repellents

Fruit flies invading the kitchen are a nightmare. The pesky insects thrive in moist and warm places and are easily attracted to the sweet smell of fruits and other foodstuffs. Keeping your home and the surrounding area clean and free from garbage is the best way to keep the flies away from your home. Nevertheless, if you find fruit flies in your home or in the yard.

Here Are Some Easy Ways To Repel The Insects

Milk, Pepper And Raw Sugar

To protect your kitchen from fruit flies, add a quarter pound of raw sugar and two ounces of pepper powder to two cups of milk. Mix the ingredients well and simmer on medium heat for about 10 minutes. Pour it into a bowl and keep it on the windowsill. The flies are easily attracted to the mixture and will drown while feeding.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Pour undiluted apple cider vinegar in a jar and cover it with a lid. Poke few small holes in the lid so that the flies can easily fly into the jar. Attracted by the smell of fermented apple the flies will enter the jar but cannot escape and will eventually drown themselves in the vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar (3)

Red Wine

Fruit flies are drawn to all types of fermented products. Red wine is another option for attracting and drowning the insects. To prepare a trap for the insects, pour a little red wine in a bottle, cover it with a plastic cover will small holes and place it on the windowsill.

Red Wine

Lavender Oil

Spraying lavender oil helps in repelling fruit flies. You can even soak cotton balls in lavender oil and place it on the windowsills and on the kitchen counter to keep the flies at bay.

lavender oil

Cedar Wood

Fruit flies cannot stand the smell of cedar wood. To repel them, place few strips of cedar wood on your kitchen counter and other areas where the flies visit frequently.

cedar wood

Liquid Dishwashing Soap And White Vinegar

Add a little liquid dishwashing soap to a quarter cup of vinegar. Pour water and mix the ingredients to form bubbles. Leave the cup in an open area. Lured by the smell of vinegar the fruit flies will sit on the liquid and will sink in the soapy water.

White Vinegar