6 Easy To Make DIY Gifts For Mom On Mother’s Day

DIY Gifts For Mom On Mother's Day

Looking for unique and special gift for your mother on Mother’s Day but still could not find the perfect one? No problem, here we have listed few interesting homemade gifts especially for Mother’s Day. Have a look and get inspired to get more creative and bring a smile on your mother’s face on this special day. After all, can there be a special gift for a mother than something created by a child on their own on Mother’s Day.

DIY Gifts For Mom on Mother’s Day:

1. Cupcake Bouquet:

For those who wish to give a sweet, stunning and very creative gift that will bring a big smile on their mother’s face on the special day can choose the great idea of lovely cupcake bouquet. Place a Styrofoam ball inside a brightly painted flower pot and attach the cupcakes around the ball using toothpicks. Use green tissue or empty cupcake liner to create ruffled leaves to fill the gaps in the bouquet and finally create the butter-cream flowers on the cupcakes.

2. Bath Salts:

The amount of stress and pressure a mom gets in a day is unimaginable so why not give her something which can relax, soothe and help her calm down on Mother’s Day. Gift her all-natural bath salts so that she can soak in the tub and pamper herself. Mix Epsom salt and sea salt in 1: 1 ratio and add a few drops of your mother’s favorite essential oil. Add a bit of vibrant food color and mix well. Transfer to a mason jar or test tubes and attach a label.

Bath Salts

3. Dyed Tote:

Want to add a style statement to your mom’s tote bag? Then, you can either sew one or enhance the look of the old one by just dying it bright neon. Sewing can be a bit difficult but dying is super easy. Blend fabric dye in hot water so that you can submerge the bag into it. Put the bag and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. Drain out the water, rinse in cold water and dry it.

Dyed Tote

4. Framed Vase:

Still obsessed with mason jars and flowers when you want to try a DIY project, especially, when you want to create a special gift for a special person? No problem, instead of going for a simple vase, why not improve it by adding a picture frame and make it the most whimsical gift. Attach an adhesive label of the picture size you want and paint the rest of the jar with your mom’s favorite color. Remove the label carefully and place the picture inside the jar. Fill it with flowers to make it the most beautiful gift.

Framed Vase

5. Cute Tea Mugs:

The tea cups or mugs with funny and special quotes could be something personal and favorite gift on Mother’s Day. Just write or paint whatever you feel for your mother and how much you care for her on the mugs, heartfelt or sentimental, just go for it. Write using a sharpie pen and dry them in an oven or just paint and dry them outdoors.

Cute Tea Mugs

6. Stepping Stones:

Stepping stones is a gift idea that every green-thumb mama’s will love. The finished stepping stones will be a great addition to your garden. You will need cereal boxes, quick dry cement and embellishments like rocks, shells, marbles, buttons etc. for decoration. Prepare the cement mixture as per the instructions on the label. Pour this in the cereal boxes and decorate the top layer with the embellishments. Wait until the cement dries and then tear off the cereal boxes. This is not only a budget-friendly but also an easy Mother’s Day gift.