6 DIY Hacks To Unclog A Nasty Drain At Your Home

Unclog A Nasty Drain At Your Home

Many a time, we may face this un-pleasant situation of water-pooling around our feet, drains taking huge time to get cleared off, foul smell from drains and many more and more aptly this is termed as Clogged drain. Nevertheless, this has been quite an annoying and distressing issue which if not been tackled quite spontaneously, will commendably worsens your troubles by causing the drainage pipes to burst off thus resulting in unserviceable bathrooms, kitchen or washrooms at large.

Emphasized below are the 6 DIY Hacks that you can efficiently use at your home before optionally making an arrangement of an otherwise so expensive -emergency aid of some professional or plumber at large. Let’s discus them in detail, one-by-one:

1. Pouring A Mix Of Vinegar And Baking Soda:

This is one of the best and usually tried and tested DIY hack that aids in un-clogging a clogged drain. For this, just prepare a fizzing solution of about ½ cup of vinegar along with equivalent ratio of baking soda and then mixing it with a chopstick. Now, pour it significantly in the clogged drain and avoid to use that particular drainage outlet for that night or at least 6 hours. After the stipulated time frame is over, just put some hot water on that outlet. This will considerably aids in eradicating all the grime, hair particles or gunk present in the drain, thus commendably extricating the held blockage of the drain.

 Pouring A Mix Of Vinegar And Baking Soda

2. Pour A Mix Of Baking Soda And Salt:

This is another most useful hack that can be commendably used to un-clog a drain or a stubborn drain blockage. For using it, just prepare an amalgamated mix of about ½ a cup of baking soda nad equal proportions of salt and then tilt it on a clogged drain. Just retain it is for about 20-25 minutes and then wash it off with half a bucket of hot-steaming water. The chemical reaction produce by this amazing mixture will severely wash off even the foulest and filthy clogged blockages at large.

Pour A Mix Of Baking Soda And Salt

3. Aim For A Bent Wire Hanger:

This will work as a tool to unclog the clogged blockages. To make this DIY bent wire hanger, just elongate a normal looking wire and then bend it along its one end, so as to create a small aperture. Then instantly thrust this bent wire tool into a clogged drain and keep on thrusting it, until will get successful in extracting out all the offensive stuff including torn papers, hairs and much more.at last pour a bucket full of hot water on this drain, to wipe off the left over nasty stuff, if any that is still hanging in that drain.

Bent Wire Hanger

4. Hand Suction And Pouring Of Boiling Water:

Amid all other DIY Hacks to unclog a clogged drain, this one is also an exceptional and easiest technique. To apply it, put about a full bucket of hot boil water into the blocked drain in 2-3 successive steps and after each step, just take a hand suction tool and suppress it along the vent of the clogged drain and then forcefully applying the suction on it. Then again pour it forcefully with a bucket of hot boiling water and do the recursive procedure again for one more time.

Pouring Of Boiling Water

5. Usage Of Dish Detergent:

Usually it has been observed that usage of dish detergent on the clogged drains, will work as a emollient that will greatly dis-integrate any oleaginous residue and thus unclogging the clogged drain in a most significant manner at large. To prepare it, just combine about a cup of dish detergent with some hot boiling water and pour it forcefully on the nasty clogged drain. After this, pour in a bucket full of hot water into it and initiate plunging it either with a hand covered with gloves or with the help of a plunger. This will commendably crumble all the greasy stuff left out in the clogged drain.

Dish Detergent

6. Aim For Pouring Some Hydrogen Peroxide:

This is also one of the best and tried and tested DIY technique to get rid of this annoying blocked drain issue. But ensure to cover your hand with gloves and other eye protecting assets while trying for this hack. Then, just combine about 3-4 cups of Sodium hydroxide along with 1 full gallon of water and dilute it in a significant manner. When this mix initiates to heat up and fizzle, then tilt the entire container containing this mix in the clogged drain and leave it as it is for about approximately 45 minutes. At last, flush the entire stuff by thrusting another bucket full of boiling water and see how majestically it will unclog the clogged drains.

 Hydrogen Peroxide

This is all about the 6 DIY Hacks that you can follow up to unclog the clogged drain.