6 Creative DIY Projects Using Magnets

DIY Projects Using Magnets

Magnets are wonderful and fun things to play with. However, did you know that you can create fanciful home decors and useful DIY projects using the brilliant magnets? If you haven’t thought about such projects, then it is time to think how to utilize magnets for such good use. In this post, we have compiled few such amazing DIY projects using magnets. Read on to start thinking how useful magnets can be at your home and office.

Creative DIY Projects Using Magnets:

1. Wall Terrarium:

For those who wish to bring some greenery and outdoors into their room, this vertical magnetic terrarium would be just perfect. Magnetic metal tins with acrylic lids, spray paint of your desired color, gravel, moss, succulents, glue, painter’s tape and Dremel tool is all you need to create this extraordinary wall terrarium.

Wall Terrarium

2. Food Jar Lid Frames:

Baby food jar lid frame will be a unique picture frame, which is very much a keepsake for a mother and the child, beautiful and very original to grab everyone’s attention. Glue your pictures onto the lids and cover the exterior with scrapbook paper. Affix the magnet on the backside and fix on the walls.

Food Jar Lid Frames

3. Mini Planters:

Do not throw away those small food or spice containers, miniature bottles and any wine cork as you can recycle these and turn into quirky magnetic mini planters to decorate your home. Paint the containers and glue the magnets and put the planters into them, that’s it, your magnetic planters are ready for display. Similarly, thump a hole in wine cork, affix magnet, put a succulent and attach it to your fridge door. The miniature bottles can be decorated with some stickers, metal butterflies etc. You can also tie small charms around the neck of the bottle with a fishing line. Your refrigerator will look beautiful with these pretty blooms.

Mini Planters

4. Calendar:

Similar to a digital calendar, the whimsical DIY magnetic calendar is something that will help you stay more organized and not miss any appointments, due dates or important dates. You will need black vinyl sticker, washi tape and colored permanent marker. Draw squares on the vinyl sheet and mark the days of a month. Frame it with colorful Washi Tape. Affix numbered magnets over each box. Now, you can add appointments, mark important dates, meetings, place a note, etc and erase it easily.


5. Spice Rack:

Love to cook with all kinds of spices, but worried how to organize a spice rack in your small kitchen, then this magnetic spice rack will be something you should think about. Occupying less counter space, this spice rack helps display all your spice jars neatly and access them easily. Furthermore, it makes a superb kitchen décor too.

Spice RackSpice Rack

6. Magnetic Knife Holder:

Are you looking for something to keep yourself busy on weekends? Well, the magnetic knife holder is a DIY project that you can plan for this weekend, which can be completed with minimal expertise and skills. It is affordable, easy and fun. This project needs just a few basic materials and tools. The supplies required are a drill, heavy duty magnet, a wooden block, super glue, 2 small brackets, hammer, spray lacquer finish and nails. Cut the wood to the required size and drill some holes at the back of the wood without penetrating through it. Put glue into the holes and place the magnets in it. Ensure that the magnets are placed in every hole in the same direction. Spray some lacquer finish on the block. Add the brackets and the stylish kitchen accessory is ready to use.

Magnetic Knife Holder