6 Creative DIY Paper Lantern Ideas For Your Home

DIY Paper Lantern

Paper lanterns are modern decors used to add life and visual interest to your interior or yard or any party. They come in different size, shapes, colors, patterns etc., still making one on your own is something very interesting with which you can add a personal touch to your home or party on budget. If you want to try this easy but most amusing project this summer, then here we have listed five lovely ideas that will inspire you. Have a look, get creative and enhance the look and feel of your home.

DIY Paper Lantern Ideas For Your Home:

1. Scaled Pattern:

Transform your boring plain paper lantern into something unique and colorful by just a simple dressing. Take color paper of your choice and cut it into small circles. Start sticking the circles onto the lantern from one side so that you can cover the whole lantern in a pattern that imitates fish scales. That’s it your designer lantern is ready to jazz up your room.

Scaled Pattern

2. Glittery:

Glittery lanterns are one of the best ways to add gleam and shine to your yard or indoor party. It is the easiest and inexpensive way to make your party visually stunning and glowing. Add some glue to your old paper lantern and sprinkle glitter over it. Cover the entire area and light it to make your night sparkly and shimmering.


3. Jelly Fish Pattern:

Looking to add an interesting and fun element to your kid’s room, then this jelly fish lantern would be the best choice that would fit your pocket and a wonderful DIY project you can make this summer along with your kids. Cut a paper lantern into two halves and attach a blue ribbon at the end of one half. Cut blue and ivory ribbons and lace of various lengths and hang them down from the inside of the dome. The lantern will look amazing when the tentacles get blown through wind.

 Jelly Fish Pattern

4. Conical:

Think out of box and get more creative to add an impressive lighting to your room. To create a unique designer lantern, it is not necessary that you should pay out a huge sum and think hard, but using simple geometrical shapes is enough to change the color of your room. Cut out conical shapes using color papers and hang them down as cone lamps, as individual ones or in cluster to make it visually appealing.


5. 3D Lamps:

The idea might sound difficult to master, but once you get on the project with basic supplies and patterns, you will be amazed by your own creation. Start with simple readily available templates at first then once you get a hang of it, start designing your own paper cut out patterns. It will be both amazing and amusing to experiment with colors, paper types, designs and shapes to make an effective indoor lighting.

3D Lamps

6. Newspaper Tubes:

This project looks like a bird’s nest and all you need to make it is glue and newspaper. If you want an elegant look then you can also use colored or white paper to cover the tubes. First roll the newspaper sheets. If the sheets are big then you need to fold it into half and roll up. Make sure all the tubes you roll up are of same thickness. You need about 200 tubes to do this lantern. Now glue the tubes together stacking them one top of the other to resemble a bird’s nest. Once you glue all the pieces, place it over a lamp.

Newspaper Tubes