6 Adorable DIY Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is a special occasion on which people of all ages look forward to fun, gifts, entertainment, excitement, food, candies, etc. Easter basket is something that everyone is excited about on Easter morning. Though several prepackaged and readymade baskets are available in the stores, the obsession for homemade ones is never ending. So, this season if you are planning to make more original and exclusive Easter baskets to surprise your family and friends, then we have summed up few extraordinary ideas. They are colourful, adorable, fresh, cute and perfect for anyone.

DIY Easter Basket Ideas:

1. Edible Basket:

Many are obsessed with sweets and candies when it comes to Easter and look forward to the sugary delights in the Easter basket, especially when you have a sweet tooth. If your friend and guests have a sweet tooth, then why not surprise them with a basket that is completely edible (made of rice cereals or fruity pebbles. It would feel incredible and exciting to eat not only the stuff inside the basket, but the entire basket in the end.

Edible Basket

2. Rustic Basket:

To bring a country touch to Easter, why not upcycle an old steel wire basket using burlap and printed fabric to make a pastoral Easter basket. Grab an old wire basket from flea market or your store room and weave it using burlap strips and printed fabric of bright colors. Attach a bow of either burlap or the printed fabric to the handle and fill it with grass and brown eggs to make a very original rustic Easter gift.

Rustic Basket

3. Paper Straw Basket:

Waiting for a special occasion to display your eco consciousness and crafting skills, then there cannot be a better time than Easter. Upcycled baskets are a fantastic way to show off your crafty side without burning a hole in your pocket. Cover used cans or paper cups with paper straw (affix using glue) and attach a satin ribbon to make the handle. Fill it with grass, flowers, sweets, chocolates, candies, etc to create a pleasant surprise.

Paper Straw Basket

4. Flower Basket:

A more natural basket made using fresh flowers that is not only visually stunning, but also emits beautiful fragrance will definitely win over everyone’s heart and mind. Pick your favorite fresh flowers and either glue them or string them onto an Easter basket to make the stunning masterpiece.

Flower Basket

5. Mason Jar Basket:

The most versatile mason jars can be transformed into the cutest and unique Easter baskets. With your creativity and imagination, you can make numerous petite to the most artistic Easter baskets with mason jars. Use lace, ribbons, fabric, strings, paint, burlap, paper flowers, etc to decorate the jars and fill them with the Easter delights. Addition of a gift tag will make it even more special.

Mason Jar Basket

6. Balloon Easter Baskets:

The balloon Easter Baskets are not only adorable, but it is also unique, inexpensive and easy to make.
You need crochet thread and few balloons to create the basket. Brighter crochet colors work the best. Blow the balloon and wrap the crochet thread around the balloon starting from top, around it and again back to the top crisscrossing all over until the balloon is covered pretty well. Tie of the thread leaving some additional thread that can be used for hanging. Dip the balloon in the glue and leave it for drying. Once dry and stiff, use a needle to pop the balloon. Cut an oval or circular shape from the string egg. Now you can decorate them with lace, flowers, pom poms or feather boas.

 Balloon Easter Baskets