50 Cool Ways To Add To Your Home Curb’s Appeal

Home Curb’s Appeal

When you are looking to sell your home to prospective buyers, it is always necessary to add appeal to your home lawn to make it attractive, and in turn give you the opportunity to get a lucrative offer.

Here Are Some Of The Best Ways To Achieve An Attractive Home Curb:

Manicured Lawn

A well-manicured lawn will catch the eye of buyers very quickly because it is the first thing they are introduced to.

Manicured Lawn

Patio Furniture

Place rustic chairs and a cute centre table to spruce up your patio.

Patio Furniture


A pruned landscape will add to the appeal of your home curb especially if you plant vibrant flowers.



You might want to replace the old and damaged shingles with new ones when selling your home.


Clean Roof

Sweep and hose down the roof of your home to make it presentable when buyers come to visit during an open house.

Clean Roof

Trim The waste

Prune and trim the dead plants and weeds in your front garden.

New Threshold

Add a new door threshold by replacing the old, worn out one that could be peeling off.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

Give your front stoop a new lease on life by painting it in an attractive colour. You can also place a new ‘Welcome’ mat in its place.

Fresh coat of paint

Window Treatments

Add new window treatments to the mix to give your house a nice look from the exterior.

Window Treatments

Light Up

Light up your walkway with string lights and burn them in the evening.

Light Up

Shape Your Driveway

Give your driveway an edge by cementing it and bordering it with painted bricks.

Shape your driveway


Give your entrance a new look by molding and polishing it to enhance its features.



Give your garage an updated look by adding windows to it for prospective buyers to gauge how spacious it actually is.


Give your dormer a fresh makeover by adding beautiful flowers and ferns to make it look attractive to prospective buyers who come to visit.

Upgrade Your Porch

You can upgrade your porch by adding small wicker chairs and a centre table. Or, you could get a new deck railing.

Upgrade your porch

Replace Gutters

Get rid of your old gutters and replace them with better functioning ones.


Make your front porch more appealing by adding tiles to them. Red tiles should make it look really good.

Weed It Out

If your front lawn is overgrown with weeds, you need to take the time to mow it every once in a while.

Knock Knock

If you want more knocks on your door, add a fancy door knocker in (faux) gold preferably.

Plant Trees

You can also plant a few trees or flowers in empty pockets on your front lawn.

Plant Trees


Make it a point to give your windows a good cleaning to remove dirt and grime regularly.

Power Wash

Enlist the help of professionals to give the exterior of your home a good power wash with a hose and some soap.

Paint The Trim

Add cool accents to the trims around the entrance to your home in cool colours that represents the personality of your home.


Add an arbour to create a classy entry to the other side of your home. Most prospective buyers will be impressed with this addition.


Fresh coat of paint

If you have not had the time to give your house a fresh coat of paint, this is your chance. Let it look new to attract buyers who come to visit during an open house.

Welcome Mat

Add a cute welcome mat at the entrance to your home to create a good first impression.

Welcome Mat


Create an interesting archway on your front lawn by incorporating trellis work or a bird bath to give it some character.


Add new hardware to your garage and front door to make it more appealing. Use small embellishments to make it look classy.

Garage Door Painting

Give your garage door a fresh coat of paint to make it look brand new.  You can always use white as an accent to add character.

Garage Door Painting

Front Porch Light

Replace the old front porch lights with new, contemporary ones which look for appealing.

Add a fence

A classic whitewashed fence is a great addition to your front lawn and will add extra appeal to your home’s curb.

Sitting Area

Create a quaint and intimate sitting area on your front porch. Maintain neutral tones and add a cute centre table to make it appealing.


Paint your mailbox and add fancy lettering to give it an updated look.


Garden Beds

Create garden beds and add mulch to it to make it look attractive.


If you expose electrical work or other sockets and boxes, you need to camouflage it with paint.

Window Boxes

You can window boxes to add character to your home. Plant some beautiful flowers in the boxes.

window boxes

Add Trellis

You can always add trellis work to the top of your garage door or front porch to give it an updated look.


Add cool planters to your look while also taking the liberty to personalize them to make them more appealing.

Add Shutters

You can always add shutters to your windows to give them an updated look while also creating more appeal for your home curb.


A cobblestone pathway will be a great added feature and would really give your home a new look.


Repave The Pathway

Use tar to repave the pathway to give it a new look.

Address Numbers

You can always have your home address painted cleverly to your front door to give it some extra appeal.


Resurface your foundation by adding bricks to and painting them in neutral tones for an enhanced effect.

Perfect Symmetry

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye. Therefore, make sure that the porch lighting and accents are all lined in perfect symmetry.

Outdoor Art

You can add some spunk to your curb by placing artwork that will not be affected by the elements.

Outdoor Art


Tiling your doorstep will give make you worry less about replacing the welcome mat every once in a while.


Redo your driveway if it is cracked or stained and is in desperate need for a makeover.


Well-designed walkways add extra appeal to your home by making it look warm and inviting.



If your railings are screaming out for a makeover, replace them with metal components to upgrade them.

Stone Veneer

Stone is the best option for adding class to the exterior of any home. Use natural or manufactured stone for this purpose.

Stone Veneer