5 Ways To Use Old Curtains For Decoration

We all have many types of old and unused things in our house that we can use for decoration purposes. Apart from saving money, you can give a new life to the old things and avoid throwing them out in the trash. If you have old curtains that you have stopped using, you can decorate the house with it. Curtains are expensive fabrics and throwing them out would not be wise. Apart from this, some people are too much attached to old things that it pains them to depart with the item. We will suggest ways in which you can use curtains for decoration purpose. These are do-it-yourself tips for which no special material or effort is needed. Take inspiration from our ideas and enjoy making the interiors look beautiful with curtains.

Following Are The 5 Ways To Use Old Curtains For Decoration:

1. Make Slipcovers

Use old curtains for making slipcovers. If you have sofa, chairs and loveseat at your home without a cover, you can stitch slipcovers after cutting some old and waste curtains. Use it on the furniture in the drawing room or dining room.

Make Slipcovers

2. Use As Shower Curtains

A shower curtain helps in separating the bathing area from toilet and the rest of the bathroom. Attach plastic shower liners in the bathing area. After that, hang old curtains in the shower area. This is an inexpensive idea for getting some good shower curtains at no cost.

Use As Shower Curtains

3. Make Drop Cloth

Sometimes, the house needs repairing and reconstruction work. At that time, the house is painted and the carpenter makes wooden structures and furniture. We need a drop cloth placed on the floor so that the paint, dust or wooden pieces don’t fall all around the house. Use old shower curtains for this purpose. They make very good drop cloth.

Make Drop Cloth

4. Use As Closet Door

If you have a closet or cupboard with damaged doors, just remove the door by detaching it from the cupboard. Replace it with an old curtain. Fix a rod on the top part and hang the curtains on it. Use white, colored or printed curtains lying waste in your house.

Use As Closet Door

5. Make Artwork

Make artwork with old shower curtains. Take some old curtain that has a nice design printed on it. Cut square pieces from it and make a collage painting with it. Fix the curtain pieces on canvas with the help of glue. Hang the canvas on your wall after framing it.

Make Artwork