5 Ways Of Plunging Method To Unclog A Toilet By Your Own

Plunging Method To Unclog A Toilet By Your Own

We always want that our toilet should be neat and clean, this is a good thing as it makes your whole home hygienic, but sometimes due to something our sinks, wash basins and the toilet may get clogged and we need to call a plumber and he charged a good amount of the money from us, but you know that there are many hack tools by which we can easily unclog the toilet, here are some of the simple ways by which we can unclog toilet.

1. Use Plunger To Unclog The Toilet:

First you need to take remove the top of the flush and then you need to insert the flip of the water, so that the water will not fill the flush again, now flush once so that all the water will be out from the flush, now you need to take the plunger, now you need to place the plunger on the hole of the toilet and make the suction by pressing it, this will suck the unwanted clogging and your toilet will be unclogged easily.

Use Plunger To Unclog The Toilet

2. Warm Water And Detergent:

If your toilet is not unclogging by the simple plunging, then you need to do something different, you need to take the hot water of about 2 liter, now add the dish wash detergent in it, now mix it, so that there will be foam on it, place this in the toilet, leave it for 20 minutes, this will soft the clogged substance, now again you need to use the plunger and try to take out the clogged material, you need to do the plunging for 5 to 6 time.

Warm Water And Detergent

3. Using Of Auger Cable:

Auger is a cable type device with the speed handle at the bottom, it is flexible and can be move at any bend, now you need to place the auger inside the toilet hole and spin the speed handle, this will roll up the unwanted material and then you can pull it out from the toilet, even as the material is loosen, you can now use the normal plunger also.

Using Of Auger Cable

4. Use Of The Plastic Vacuum Bag:

This is the amazing way to unclogged the toilet, you need not to use the plunger to clean out the toilet, you need to first clean the seat of the toilet, make the seat completely dry, now place the plastic vacuum bag on it, now press hard to the edges, as it will stick to the edges, make sure that there should not be any gap, now press the middle part as much you can, now you see it will create a suction to the toilet and then all the unclogged material will come out from the toilet, you can do this 3 to 4 times to clean the toilet properly.

Use Of The Plastic Vacuum Bag

5. Using Plastic Tape:

If you don’t want to spend much on the buy any tools and you toilet is unclogged, then also you unclogged the toilet easily, all you need to first flush the toilet, so that there will be sufficient water in it, now clogged the flush, so that there now water will go inside the toilet, take the tissue paper and dry the edges of the toilet, now take the plastic tape and fix it, now again start fixing the tape slightly on the first one and follow this pattern so that there will be a suction, press in the middle for 3 to 4 times, so that all the material will come out, clean it.

 Using Plastic Tape