5 Simple Steps To Make A Watermelon Basket

watermelon basket

Fruit salads are healthy and refreshing but the main things lies in how you decorate it. It is not difficult to find expensive salad bowls in the market that let you beautify your salad on them. This simple DIY homemade basket is however easy to make and also does not cost you a lot.

All that you need is a watermelon to make this easy watermelon basket. It saves you a lot of money and at the same time the basket looks pretty and presentable. Now serve your favourite fruit salad in this water melon basket enjoying the cool and sweet flavor of watermelon in every bite.

Easy Steps On How To Make A Watermelon Basket At Home:

1. Buy A Watermelon:

It is best to make the watermelon basket with a fresh watermelon of medium or large size. You may also buy a small size watermelon depending on the size of the basket that you choose to make. Keep ready some sharp knives and a marker to begin with the DIY craft.


2. Mark The Watermelon To Cut:

Use a marker and mark the watermelon to cut it in the shape of a basket. The line marked across the circumference of the watermelon is the basket. The top double lines makes the handle of the basket.

 Mark The Watermelon To Cut

3. Cut The Watermelon:

Use a sharp knife and cut the watermelon along the mark. Once the pieces come out you can easily see the watermelon take the shape of a basket. This step however needs to be done carefully so that the cut is neat and you accidentally don’t end up cutting the parts of the basket or the handle. This step should be done very neatly because how you cut will give shape to your watermelon basket.

Cut The Watermelon

4. Scoop Out The Melon:

The next step is to gently scoop out the watermelon fruit from the basket. This should be done from the handle as well as from the base of the basket. You can easily scoop out the red fruit with the help of a spoon. You may also use your creativity to make some patterns on the basket and handle if you like, or you can just leave it plain.

Scoop Out The Melon

5. Enjoy Your Salad Form The Basket:

Your watermelon basket is now ready. Cut different fruits into small sizes and decorate it in the watermelon basket to make a fruit salad. You may use fruits of different textures and colors so that the basket looks more bright and colorful. With a green base of the watermelon and the colorful mix of fruits the fruit basket promises to get noticed in any event or gathering. Place some toothpicks so that your guests can eat the fruits of their choice from the basket and also admire your creativity.

The outer part of the watermelon is always thrown off once the fruit inside is eaten. This simple craft activity lets you not only use the wasted part of the watermelon fruit but also lets your salad look different and presentable. The best part about making this fruit basket is that it costs you almost nothing. The craft is easy and can be made in no time. It can be made to decorate the fruit salad in a formal gathering or you can also make this watermelon basket to serve a delectable fruit salad to your family at home.