5 Interesting Things To Do With Broken Terracotta Pots

Have you broken a terracotta pot in your garden? Don’t worry because you can still use it. The broken pieces of terracotta planters can actually be used as materials for creating new decorative and functional objects that can be use for different purposes in your garden. You will be surprised to know that there are some amazingly easy methods of repurposing the broken pieces of your garden pots.

Here Are 5 Interesting Things To Do With Broken Terracotta Pots:

1. Fairy Garden

By using your creativity and applying your gardening skill, create a fabulous fairy garden with the broken terracotta pots.  Creating fairy garden by arranging pieces of broken pots is a new trend. Cover the base of a large broken pot with mud and moss and arrange the terracotta shards in different ways to create a multi-tiered miniature garden.

Fairy Garden

2. Plant Markers

Looking for an inexpensive and easy idea for labeling the herbs in your garden? Use the top portions of the broken terracotta pot to create plant labels and markers. The terracotta pieces can be easily fixed to the ground and will mark the boundary of each herb in your yard.

Plant Markers

3. Tea Light

The broken terracotta planter can be converted into a stunning candle holder. Paint a large broken piece of the clay pot. Place a tea light on the base of the broken pot. You have a unique candle holder with a rustic touch. You can use it for decorative lighting in your house or yard.

Tea Light

4. Toad House

To welcome toads in your yard, use the broken flower pot to build a toad house. Dig a large hole, almost twice the size of the flower pot, and place the broken pot horizontally on the ground to partially cover the hole. Put leaves and mosses on the ground to create a comfortable bed for the frog. Remember to create the toad house in a shady area of your garden, close to a water source.

Toad House

5. Improve Drainage

Good drainage is essential for preventing the roots of your potted plants from rotting. The terracotta shards can help in improving the drainage. Place few broken pieces of the clay pot on the bottom of the pot before adding the soil. The broken pieces of the terracotta pot will help in draining out the excess water so that your plants stay it good health.

Improve Drainage