5 Interesting Moss Graffiti Ideas For Your Garden Area


Moss graffiti is a cool, distinctive, relaxing and beautiful way to add some greenery to your mini garden or small yard. The natural art with moss will make your garden vivid with more green, texture and amazing shapes. If you are thinking of adding a moss art to your garden, here are a few designs to help you get more creative.

Here Are The Moss Graffiti Ideas for your Garden:

1. Moss Wall Painting

Moss wall painting might sound impractical and stupid, but it is the most popular replacement for spray paints at the moment. It is not only beautiful, but eco-friendly too. Choose the site (can be a wall or a wooden surface) where you want to put up the graffiti and chalk out the desired art on it. Prepare the moss paint and apply it on the design using paintbrush. Mist it with water to help it grow perfectly.


2. Moss Letters

Moss letters and monograms are the latest springtime trend to spruce up your outdoor space. Be it a party decoration or simply adding spring flair to your garden, these moss letters work the best. Put some hot glue on the cardboard letter and press the moss over it to cover the entire surface and trim the extra to shape it clear. Now it is ready to embellish your garden.



3. Stenciled Moss Art

If you love drawing and coloring the garden walls and fence to brighten up your garden and add more life to it, then stenciling is a great choice. To show your eco-consciousness and love for nature, avoid using paints and make an amazing stenciled moss art. This would be an interesting DIY project and the best way to dress up your garden for the spring.


4. Geometric Shapes

Geometry might be a dull subject, but geometric shapes and mathematical designs are so pleasing to eyes and create a perfect symmetry in gardens. Any flat place in a garden can be made interesting using lines, circles, triangles, square, etc. This spring, if you want to give your garden an uncluttered look and yet stand out from the rest, go for a moss graffiti using shapes, it would be impressive and lovely.


5. Checker Board Design

A checkerboard design in the garden is always a showstopper be it a small yard or a big garden space, the design is always a chart-topping one. This design of checkerboard using river pebbles and moss in Zen garden is amazing. A moss stencil art in the checkerboard design will look very unique and brilliant.