5 Halloween Party Ideas To Spook The Kids

Halloween party is the perfect time for arranging spooky parties for your kids. You can make the Halloween party rocking with your imagination and some tricks. Decorate the house with all forms of creepy things, like bats, skeletons, spider webs and darkness. Make a Halloween symbol with a giant pumpkin.Make a false crow outside the house to add ghostly feeling. Invite all friends of your kids and their parents tell them to disguise in a scary character. This way your party will look ideal for the Halloween. Well, when you are scratching the head for what you can do next, we are here with a bunch of ideas. Read this article for further spooky ideas.

Here Are 5 Halloween Party Ideas To Spook The Kids:

1. Haunted House

Halloween party means putting all ghostly, scary feelings together in the party. Create a dark haunted house on the block.Invite all kids on the block and tell them to dressin some scary character. Decorate a table with spooky body parts of the human body. Use a spaghetti as the intestine, tomato sauce as the blood and grapes as the eyeballs like this. Make some bats with black colour paper and attach them with strings in the house. Use some red and blue lights for making the room dark and scary. You can use lamp shades, twinkly lights with strings.

Haunted House

2. Pumpkin Carving Competition

Invite kids with their parents in the pumpkin carving contest. Involve everyone in an act is really cool. It brings togetherness and involvement. Announce some prizes like candies, chocolates, small toys. Join the contest with your kids and partner. You can bring some pumpkins from the market or ask the parents to bring pumpkin for their own. For dinner, order some pizzas and soft drinks for the guests. Your Halloween party will be rocking. Announce the first, second and third and handover the prizes in party bags.

Pumpkin Carving Competition

3. Halloween Pot-Luck

Make your Halloween party hit with involving every invitee. Make different frightening looking dishes with kids and parents. You can announce it as a contest and arrange some prizes like small toys, candies or some scary mask. If you don’t have enough space then you can ask the parents to make the food with their kids in the house and bring it to your place. You can only arrange the dinner table and soft drinks. Then arrange a giant dinner table with pot-luck. Making the foods and eating dinner all together will create a close association between kids and their parents. As the organizer you will be the ‘Hero’.

Halloween Pot-Luck

4. Party Bags

Make some party bags with papers and a little bit of imagination. Make a bag with paper then stick some bats, cobweb and crow sticker on the bag. Remember the stickers should be black in colour. You can involve your kids in this bag making process. This way you will spend more time with your kids. If you don’t have time then buy it from any shop. These bags are available during the Halloween time in low price.

party bags

5. Halloween Food

Party without food is not possible. You need to make the food attractive as well as yummy. The party is for the kids so you need delicious food, like cupcakes, biscuits, candies, cakes in different shapes, cookies. You can make it at the home or else you can buy it from shops.

Halloween Food