5 Fish Crafts For Kids

Fish Crafts For Kids

Craft activities with kids are not only fun but also an interesting way to teach them various concepts. It helps the child develop bilateral coordination and helps improve fine motor skills. Crafts encourage kids to be creative.
Fish is an underwater animal and this can be taught to the kid through different craft activities.

1. Paper Plate Fish:

This is a simple fish craft which uses paper plate to make a colourful fish.

Things that you need:Paper plate

Paper plate
Colorful papers

Cut a triangle shape out of the paper plate to make the fish’s mouth. Paste it at the back to make a tail. Now let the child tear the colored paper. Put some glue on the plate and let the child stick the colored papers on the plate. Put some glue and stick the button to make the fish’s eye

 Paper Plate Fish

2. Fishes Of Different Colors:

This fish craft lets the child learn that fishes are of different colors. It teaches the shape ’circle’ and also that fish stays in water. One can also make circles of different sizes so that the child learns the concept of big and small.

Things that you need:

Blue colored paper
Cupcake liners of different sizes
White pen
Colored paper of different colors

Open the cupcake liners so that it forms a circle and let the child paint it. Use different colors to paint each cupcake liner. Cut the extra colored papers into triangles and stick it behind the fish to form a tail. Now let the child stick the fishes on the blue colored paper. The blue paper signifies water. Draw bubbles to show that fish breathe in water.

Fishes Of Different Colors

3. Fish Aquarium:

Let the child learn about a fish aquarium through this craft activity.
Things that you need:
Blue colored Paper plate
Fish cuttings
Small pebbles and shells
Green paper
Transparent buttons
Neatly fold the blue colors paper plate at the edges. Now let the child stick the fishes on the plate. Stick the buttons near the mouth of the fish. Stick the pebbles and shells towards the bottom of the aquarium. Cut the green papers into thin and zig-zag pattern to make it look like grass. Stick it near the pebbles.

Fish Aquarium

4. Hand Printed Fish Aquarium:

This craft activity lets the child use his hands to create a fish aquarium
Things that you need:
A blue colored chart paper
Child friendly paint
Sketch paint
Paint different colors on the child’s palm and let it press its palm on the blue colored chart paper. Draw the eyes and mouth on the base of the palm. This is the face of the fish. You could even draw some bubbles and weeds to make the aquarium look real.

Hand Printed Fish Aquarium

5. Fish Puppet:

This simple craft activity lets the child make fish puppets using Popsicles.
Things that you need:
Coloured paper

Trace the child’s palm on a coloured paper and cut the paper with a pair of scissors. This is the fish. Now cut a mouth and paste it on the base of the palm of the cut out fish. Paste a button to make the fish eye. Stick the fish on a popsicle to make a fish puppet.

These craft activities are simple and can be done with items that are easily available at home. Not only do these activities educate a child but it also creates a fun learning environment and encourages the child to participate and helps to build their concentration.