5 Fascinating Outdoor Fireplace Ideas To Beat The Winter Chill


Sitting around live fire with family and friends on a winter evening is so enjoyable and warm. It creates a beautiful and cozy atmosphere. This is the reason why most people like to build a fire place in their yard or any other outdoor space at home. It is winter and many of you would have been planning how to get or build one. If you are one among them, then here are five great ideas that will help you plan it better.

Here Are The Outdoor Fireplace Ideas To Beat The Winter Chill:

1. A Comforting Fire

The perfect way to warm up the air, cut the winter chillness and spend some quality time with your loved ones is a fireplace. Especially spending an evening with your near and dear, chit-chatting, having a hot up of coffee would be so warm and relaxing isn’t it? Think about a fireplace with three sides open, so that all places in the yard is hot, setting the scene for a perfect winter evening, the idea is cool isn’t it?


2. Fire And Water

Fire and water are two amazing elements of nature. A place where these elements coexist, a cozy fireplace along with soothing waters, would be a wonderful one to unwind and rewind ourselves. To spend a winter evening in the most pleasurable way along with friends, set up a rectangular low gas-fueled fireplace nearby a water fountain or a small pool with movable chairs around.


3. Table Top Warmer

There is no enough place for a large fireplace in your yard? Well, do not worry, there are still a lot of options to enjoy a warm, cozy fire in your yard and one such option is the table top warmer. A very safe table topper that glimmers warm fire at eye level is so inviting. It creates a cheerful atmosphere and enough warmth despite its small size.


4. Portable Unit

If you do not want a permanent fireplace in your yard, a moveable fire pit is always there to comfort you during winter.  A circular or spherical or cylindrical fireplace made of metal in the backyard with colorful plants will be making the atmosphere so warm and romantic. It will add more style to your backyard and the fascinating feature is that it is portable. Simple in deign to most chic artistic pieces are available ranging in different prices.


5. Contemporary Fireplace

A rectangular or square or circular permanent concrete fire pit is traditional, but have you seen a concrete fire bowl? Yes, this is the most sought after contemporary design nowadays. The bowl shape, large sized pebbles filling the bowl and the texture and color of the concrete bowl will make it the focal point of your yard or terrace.