5 Easy To Made Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

It is always amazing to go for the candle night dinner, where there is a beautiful candles are burning. The are many uses of the oil candles and if these candles have the fragrance, then it is quite amazing also, these fragrances will give a nice ambiance, that makes you stress free, mason jar is available in most of the home, these jars can be converted into different types of the scented oil candles, here are some of the scented mason jar oil candles you can make by your own.

1. Olive Oil Mason Jar Candles:

The most good things about the oil candles are that they does not use the wax for burning the oil in it, is enough to burn the candles, you need to take the jar, clean it properly, in the another bowl, add the olive oil and the olive oil scent in it, mix it well, now pour this to the mason jar, add long kappa light in it, now should make 5 to 6 candles like this, as you burn the candles, the sweet aroma of the olive oil will spread to your house and you will feel fresh.

Olive Oil Mason Jar Candles

2. Peanut Oil Mason Jar Candles:

Peanut oil is easily available in the market, you should buy the peanut oil essence from the market, sometime, the peanut oil is solid, so you need to melt down in the pan, over the low heat, cool it down, now add the essence of the peanut oil in it, mix it well, pour the mixture in the mason jar and add the kappa light, you will see that the peanut oil is now become solid in the bottom, burn the candle, as the peanut oil burns you will get the pleasant aroma of the peanuts to all over the room.

 Peanut Oil Mason Jar Candles

3. Coconut Oil Mason Jar Candles:

Coconut oil candles are available easily in the market as they are high in demand, all love the pleasant smell of the coconut, now you need to purchase the coconut oil from the market, although it is good enough to buy the oil only, but if you want strong coconut fragrance, then buy the coconut oil essence also, mix all the things in the heated pan and then pour it in the jar, add one kappa light in it and leave it so that it oil will become solid, now burn the candle to get the coconut aroma.

 Coconut Oil Mason Jar Candles

4. Lemon With Olive Oil Mason Jar Candles:

Lemon citric fragrance is loved by most of us and you will the wax candles of the lemon easily in the market, but if you want real smell of the lemon, then you need to take the olive oil in the jar, make it hot, now take the lemon and cut the slices of it, also you can take out the juice of the lemon and mix it with the olive oil, now add all of them in the mason jar, add the kappa light and enjoy the fragrance of the lemon to all over the room.

Lemon With Olive Oil Mason Jar Candles

5. Eucalyptus Oil Mason Jar Candles:

Eucalyptus oil has an strong fragrance and some people loves to have this fragrance in their home, it is easy to made at home, you need to take the eucalyptus oil from the market, mix it with the coconut oil, melt the mixture on the low heat, pour it in the mason jar, add the kappa light and burn it to the get the real eucalyptus aroma to the rooms.

Eucalyptus Oil Mason Jar Candles