5 DIY To Clean White Sneaker At Home

DIY To Clean White Sneaker At Home

Are you a trend follower or a shoe lover and always stay updated to flaunt them to look differently styled in among the crowd then this useful and imperative information is only for you. Nowadays sneakers are in great demand not only because they look cool but also because of durability and comfortable wear. Sneakers are trendy, fashionable and the most important thing is they are easily available and affordable as well. It could be team up with the casual attire like denim, maxi-mini dresses etc.

Moreover, white sneakers are ruling the stage all over from Hollywood to Bollywood, from kids to youngsters, Celebrities are marking their style statement this season with the trending white shoes, and everyone is wearing right now. However, the troublesome work is its care and maintenance. But if you want to be stylish then you should know some easy hacks to quickly clean them at home. Until now you were aware of the old way of cleaning that is to wash them whereas there are many other methods for the same. Here we are going to tell you the astonishing simple and effective way to procure your sneakers as new as possible so that no worries would stop you to buying the nice pair of shoes.

5 DIY To Clean White Sneaker At Home:

1. All You Need Toothpaste And A Toothbrush:

Dirt particles or debris concentrated on shoes could be wiped out with a toothbrush and non-gel white toothpaste. Use an old brush and apply the paste on the stained areas, scrub on the dirty spots and leave it for at least ten minutes after that clean the area with the damp cloth or towel. The repetition of the process completely removes the stain from the shoes and makes them clean white again.

All You Need Toothpaste And A Toothbrush

2. Mixture Of Baking Soda And Vinegar:

Baking soda and vinegar, both the agents have the property to clean the marks. Besides they are easily available in the market and are used for many things too. Prepare a mixture comprising of one tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of vinegar and one table spoon of Luke warm water, stir them well, after preparing the paste, stamp the paste with an old brush on the rubber part. Once it’s done, rinse it with water, remove the paste and let it dry.

Mixture Of Baking Soda And Vinegar

3. Use Eraser:

If the stains on your shoes are very light then rather than washing them use the eraser for clean up. This also won’t hamper the softness of the shoes and a gentle quick trick to clean.

Use Eraser

4. White Nail Paint To Hide Scratches:

Now you don’t have to throw your lovely pairs because of unwanted scratches and lines. Scratches are the visible signs which appear and look bad; this intrigued hack will cover them up. Only a white nail polish would do the wonders, just do a little touch up with the polish on the scratched part and the marks will disappear instantly.

White Nail Paint To Hide Scratches

5. Get Rid Of Oil Stains Using Shampoo:

Getting rid of oil stains is a tough job though not now. It is not easy to protect the white shoes from getting dirty. Wash the pair with the gentlest shampoo, smoothly rub the portion with the tooth brush and afterward rinse it with water, this will remove or lighten the patch.

Get Rid Of Oil Stains Using Shampoo

These helpful hacks will definitely make your shoes white and sparkling again.