5 DIY Ideas For Piggy Bank Using Plastic Bottle

Piggy Bank

We all save money and store them in a secretive manner. As kids we all have memories of storing money in a piggy banks. The piggy bank used to be one of the most precious and important things for us as kids so many of us have grown up but the habit of saving and using the piggy bank hasn’t changed. It is always a great idea to make your own piggy bank by recycling and using old things which are no longer needed at home. One of the things which we find easily at home and pictures of no use other plastic bottles. Many of us have old plastic bottles lying at home which have no use. You can use these bottles to make some wonderful piggy banks for yourself. You can be extremely creative and innovative while making a piggy bank using plastic bottles. There are a number of ideas which can be implemented for making the best piggy bank using plastic bottles.

Some Of The Best Ideas For Making Piggy Bank Using Plastic Bottles Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Pig Piggy Bank:

A pig piggy bank using plastic bottles would be one of the moat common and frequently used piggy banks. You can make an appealing and a very interesting piggy bank using a plastic bottle. You can paint and highlight the plastic bottle in the perfect manner possible. In fact if you don’t want a pig style looking piggy bank then you can choose to make a piggy bank which looks like any other animal using the plastic bottles.

Pig Piggy Bank

2. Polka Dots Piggy Bank:

The polka dots piggy bank is one of the simplest and most eye catching piggy banks which you can choose to make using plastic bottles. These piggy banks are nice to look and are not very difficult to make. You can choose different sizes of polka dots and different colours of polka dots. You can use interesting colours for giving the polka dots an attractive and appealing look.

Polka Dots Piggy Bank

3. Fictitious Character Piggy Bank:

Most of are extremely fond of the fictional characters with or without super powers. We love to have accessories and things which have their mark or which are used by them. You can make a piggy bank with using a plastic bottle with these lovely characters. You can paint them or add embellishments to add an appealing look to the piggy bank. You will love using this piggy bank.

Fictitious Character Piggy Bank

4. Personalized Piggy Bank:

The personalized things are very much in fashion and most of us love to have accessories and things which have been personalized just for us. You can have a lovely personalized piggy bank according to your choice and preferences. You can choose wonderful personalization ideas for your piggy bank. You can give the plastic bottle a new and an interesting look which makes it look absolutely different from its original form. You will simply love the personalized piggy bank.

Personalized Piggy Bank

5. Disney Piggy Bank:

Most of us love the Disney characters and have fascination of possessing accessories and things with their marks. You can make lovely piggy banks from plastic bottles which have a mark of these Disney characters. You will simply find these piggy banks adorable and absolutely eye pleasing. You can be innovative and creative while doing these lovely piggy banks.

Disney Piggy Bank

These are a few amazing ideas for piggy banks using plastic bottles.