5 Creative Uses Of Pool Noodles At Home


Ever thought that your favorite pool toy that kept you afloat in the swimming pool when you were taking your first swimming lessons can be used for making fabulous DIY home projects? You only have to use your imagination to put a pool noodle to various uses outside the pool. If it sound a little weird, here are a few amazing ideas that will encourage you to search for the pool noodles that you do not use anymore and create wonderful functional items.

List Of 5 Creative Uses Of Pool Noodles At Home 

Pool Noodle Sprinkler

To beat the summer heat you can create an inexpensive sprinkler with the pool noodle. On one side of a pool noodle poke holes with a screwdriver. The screwdriver should reach the center of the noodle but should not pierce the other side. Into every second hole, put in a drinking straw. However, this step is optional. In one end of the noodle insert the hose. Plug the other end with a bottle cap or cork. Turn on the water and you will get a lovely sprinkler.


Pool Noodle Headboard

This is a fun idea for creating a headboard for your child’s bed. Cut pool noodles of different colors with your kitchen knife and with hot glue attach the noodles to a foam sheet.


Pool Noodle Wreath

Here is a way to decorate your home with pool noodle. Form a circle with the pool noodle and using hot glue attach the two ends. Now secure the ends with duct tape. Cut fabrics of desired colors and wrap them around the pool noodle. Attach them to the pool noodle with hot glue. Embellish the wreath with ribbons and flowers of your choice.


Pool Noodle Brush Holder

This is a clever way to organize your paint brushes. Cut a section of the pool noodle. With a sharp knife cut a length of the pool noodle. Fit the cut side of the pool noodle to a rectangular or square water holder. You can use an old ice bucket for the purpose. To hold your painting brushes, cut slots on the side of the pool noodle.


Pool Noodle Luminaries

Cut a small portion of the pool noodle. Cover the bottom of a LED tea light with a plastic. Insert the tea light in the pool noodle. Your pool noodle luminary is now ready for use.