5 Creative DIY Craft Gifts To Donate To A Local Nursing Home

DIY Craft Gifts To Donate To A Local Nursing Home

Staying in a nursing home is depressing, not only for the resident but also for the whole family. You may not be able to fill the gap; however your simple and thoughtful DIY crafts can come a long way in making the residents happy.

These easy to make DIY crafts are very creative and can be made with stuff that are easily available at home or in a local store.

1. Address Book:

Address books are handy and at the same time very useful. It can record addresses, phone numbers and email ids of the resident’s friends and relatives. It is particularly useful for those who are not very tech savvy but like to be in touch with friends over phone and through letters.

This DIY craft is simple. Just bind a few pieces of evenly cut colored papers and use two hard cardboard to make the front and the back of the book. You can decorate the book with ribbons, stickers and laces so that they look colorful and pretty. In order to be able to use the book easily, you can attach the alphabets on the edges of the pages so that the resident just needs to flip and is able to find an address or a number in seconds.

Address Book

2. Organizer:

People like to have their things organized. This specially includes small things like needles, buttons, and pencils etc. that tend to get misplaced often. An organizer is a thoughtful gift for those staying in local nursing homes.
The organizer can be made using cardboard and matchboxes. If you want to make it sturdy, you may make it with wood instead. Wrap some colored papers on it and attach some rings or a knob to make a handle. You can make an organizer with three or more shelves.



Most residents in local nursing homes pass their time reading books. Not only book lovers, but even those who were never a fan of books pick up reading as a hobby to while away their time. Bookmarks are wonderful gifts that can be gifted to the residents.

It is simple to make a bookmark. Cut out a cardboard piece into the shape of a long and elongated rectangle. You could now paste anything on it which could include a picture or a thought. You may also want to draw something or paint on it. This is the part that stays outside when the book is closed. Glue this cardboard to an ice cream stick or to a paper pin which is to be placed in the book to mark the page that was last read.


4. Woollen Scarves:

Get your knitting needles and a ball of wool to make a lovely woolen scarf to donate to the residents of a local nursing home. Scarves make beautiful presents since they are fashionable and at the same time let one keep warm. They are handy and easy to carry along. It is a great idea to gift a scarf so that the residents can use it to keep themselves warm.
Al that you need is a pair of knitting needles and a ball of wool. You may also like to mix and match colors so that the scarf looks more vibrant.

 Woollen Scarves

5. Spectacle Case:

Most residents would be using spectacles and an eyeglass case can be a creative gift. You could use some old eyeglass cases and paint it with designs to make them look pretty. The eye glass case will let the residents keep their spectacles in a safe place.

 Spectacle Case

These DIY crafts are things that can come to use for residents staying in local nursing homes. Since these handicrafts are for donations, so they are generic crafts and not something that is personalized for an individual.