5 Beautiful Ornamental Grasses For Containers

Ornamental grass is a good choice when you want to decorate your yard, balcony or garden because they have an inimitable texture, color and structure. One problem is the invasive nature of the grasses, but when grown in containers, they can be controlled easily. Here are few low maintenance and easy to grow ornamental grasses for containers.

Here Are 5 Beautiful Ornamental Grasses For Containers

1. Fountain Grass

Lush slender foliage with tiny white flowers at the ends of the stem that gives the effect of miniature lights is how optic fiber grass looks like. The grass grows well in pots and loves full to partial sun. This is a very decorative grass that adds grace to the display, but requires only low maintenance.

Fountain Grass

2. Ruby Grass

Ruby grass is a fast growing annual grass with soft, green foliage and beautiful pink flowers at the ends. The grass requires minimal care and keeps a compact growth habit. Hence, it is very much suitable for growing in containers. It grows best under full sun and is tolerant to drought and pollution.


3. Dwarf Pampas Grass

The tall grass with showy white flowers that rise above the green foliage is an easy to grow ornamental grass. It is a wonderful choice for containers and small gardens. Place the container in a spot that receives full sunlight and give water generously. The grass grows fast so it will fill the container quickly making your yard look beautiful with its flowering tops in no time.


4. Zebra Grass

This is a popular ornamental grass variety with beautiful long arching striped foliage. The grass adds beauty to the garden with its changing colors and textures with different seasons. The copper colored flowers in summer, golden color leaves of fall, striped spring foliage and the winter texture are spectacular. The hardy plant loves a sunny location and lots of water.

Zebra Grass

5. Japanese Blood Grass

The perennial grass with green and slightly red tips, which turns bright red on maturing, is a wonderful choice for a novice gardener. It is a superb choice for containers and adds color to the garden or yard. It is an easy to maintain grass variety that loves full sunlight. It is tolerant to pollution and drought.

 Japanese Blood Grass