5 Appealing Xeriscape Ideas For Your Garden

Ideas For Your Garden

Xeriscaping is one of the most popular landscaping ideas today. Low maintenance, water saving, interesting textures, etc are the reasons for its increasing popularity. If you are one among those fascinated by xeriscaping and have been looking for interesting ideas, then here are five amazing ideas you should have a look at before you start designing your special dry garden.

 Xeriscape Ideas For Your Garden

1. Pathway                 

A pathway in an arid garden is important because it is this transitional area that emphasizes the beauty and novelty of the garden in addition to its functional purpose. With the many choice of materials available for laying out a pretty pathway, you can add an amazing visual texture to your garden like gravel, stones, stone slabs, stepping stones, pebbles, decomposed granite, etc. A sprinkle of native grasses or flowering hardy plants along the pathway will look beautiful.


2. Rocky Alternative To Lawns

It is not true that all inviting landscapes should have a lawn. Even a dry, arid, rocky landscape without a lawn could look fascinating when designed well. Instead of lawns, go for terracotta tiles, colored gravel (for example, white or cobalt blue), sandstone slabs, etc to add softness and warm colors to the landscape. A scattered pattern of stones, a unique design with soft stones over gravel, palette of stones in different hues, etc will make the landscape pretty interesting.

Rocky Alternative To Lawns

3. Colorful Plants

A xeriscape would be dry, but it does not mean the garden has to be dull and neutral. An arid garden can look colorful if the right drought-tolerant flowering plants are chosen.  Hardy plants with a variety of colors such as red, purple, pink, blue, yellow, etc will make the garden look stunning. For example, echniocactus, sunset strain, lavender, sedum species, salvia, agastache, Mexican feather grass, fires sticks would be a good choice to add colors to the dry landscape.

Colorful Plants

4. Lively Hardscape

An alternative way to make the dry landscape colorful is a colorful hardscape. For example, a brightly colored gate in the yard or a colorful fencing, cushions with interesting patterns and bright colors, a wonderful local art, etc will add life to the yard.

Lively Hardscape

5. Blue Waters

Water is an element that can change the mood and the atmosphere of any place and make it magical. However, water would be a limited element in a xeriscape so a tumbling river or a flowing stream or a natural pool or fountain would not be possible. Still with the use of blue gravel or glass, you can create an illusion of water running through the landscape. This element will change the dry landscape dramatically and make it vivid.

Blue Waters