5 Amazing Things To Do With Wine Bottles In The Garden


Our gardens are a place to relax. However, very few of us think of decorating our gardens. Decoration is an art and decorating gardens could be interesting if done with things that we often throw away. How about using empty wine bottles !! Here are some idea that will not only help you water your plants but also create mind blowing features and anyone can me these beautiful crafts.

List Of  5 Amazing Things To Do With Wine Bottles In The Garden

Garden Border

For this you will need to use empty wine bottles. First soak the bottles in hot water to remove the labels from the bottle. Once, the bottles are ready, plant the empty bottles turning their neck down around a garden border.


Bottle Lights

Here’s a unique and smart idea for using empty wine bottles to lighten your garden path. Take a lot of empty colored wine to place along the path on both sides of your garden. Dig a deep trench around 6 inches deep. In the bottom of the trench spread out some sand. Now collect a set of holiday lights of icicle style. Slide a strand into a bottle and into the trench place the bottle upside down. Put more sand around it to fix it straight. Repeat the same process to fill the rest of the path. Once done, put around 2 inches of soil around the bottles and over the sand. The lower part of the bottles should stick out above the ground. These lights last for many years.

garden light

Bird Feeders

To do this, you will need to start with a diamond drill. The drill should stay lubricated with water. To do that either water should be sprayed at the bit during the drill or the bottle should be submerged in water. Begin drilling at a 45° angle and then gradually move the bit to a 90° angle. Use epoxy to attach a saucer or plate to the bottom once the holes are drilled on the bottles. If your wick is thickened sufficiency, you don’t score to obtain the washer medico.


Tiki Torches

To modify this, your present requirement is one decent and white containerful intoxicant bottle, Tiki Mullein lamp oil, Tiki Torch refill, nonfunctional render rocks, element washer. Settle the ornamental rocks in the bottle. The additional quantity you have, the smaller quantitiy of oil you will require to use and the strong your bottle will be. Accomodate the wick from one side to the other side of the tunnel, taking off about a 1/4th inch of the wick attaching out of the head. If you have opening between the tunnel and the wick it could let on air in, which may let the glass bottle to swell with gas. Also, confirm the tunnel is identical as the broadness of the glass bottle mouth. Drain the grease into a glass bottle, with the help of a filter, competent to conceal half section of the wick. Accomodate  the elongate part of wick into the glass bottle. If the wick is adequately wide, you do not need to take the tunnel physically to a lower position down. Illuminate the upper wick and be fond of your current flash outdoors. Keep in mind to locate the glass bottle in a conservative, hardy area to prevent it from inverting.


Hot Bed

Store a few vacuous inebriant bottles and position in an area for elevated beds.Now factual the necks of the bottles, leaving the necks unsealed for air to relocation in. Stack around 3 bottles superior. Alter with alter. Now set it internal the lifted bed region with a set that grows symptomless with emotionalism.