5 Amazing Hand And Foot Print Halloween Crafts Ideas By Your Own

Hand And Foot Print Halloween Crafts

We all decorate our home in Halloween, we buy many expensive decorative items for decoration, but it is always good to use your our own way for decoration in the festivals. If we have kids, then they can help us in this, they have small foot and hand, we can make the crafts for the Halloween by their impression of the foot and the hand, there are so many styles you can try with the hand print and footprint, here is the different styles.

1. Footprint Ghosts:

Ghosts are always an amazing idea for the Halloween decoration, all you need to take the color, apply it on the hand of your kids, now give an impression on the paper, take the paper scissor, cut the paper, according to the shape of the hand print, make 5 hand prints like that, now you need to make the eyes, nose and the mouth of it, with the help of the strong thread, connect all the ghosts in it.

Footprint Ghosts

2. Pumpkin Hand Print Bags:

You see many pumpkin bags in the market and they are attractive, but you can give new design like a Halloween theme, all you need take the white paper, take the green color to the hand of your kid and make impressions on the paper, now cut the paper in that shape of the hand, now take the orange bag, stick the hand on the bag, you Halloween pumpkin bag is ready, this you can use to carry in the school.

Pumpkin Hand Print Bags

3. Halloween Hand Print Witch:

Halloween witch is famous, many people draw the cartoon of it, but your kid can also draw it easily, just color your kid’s palm in the green color, take white sheet and give an impression on it, now to the palm side, draw the cap of the witch in black color and draw hair in the orange color, now make the eyes, nose, mouth and ears of the witch with the white color or in the black color, your hand print Halloween witch is ready.

Halloween Hand Print Witch

4. Hand And Foot Wreath:

Hand and foot wreath idea is also good for the Halloween, in this you need to take the black color, paint your foot with it, now give at least 6 impressions to the different papers, now cut the design of the legs from the paper with the scissor, now color your palm with the orange in color, now give the impression to the paper, make eyes, nose and mouth with the black color like the Halloween pumpkin, with the help of the glue, fix the legs and pumpkin alternatively to make a ring, now place this to the door or on the wall.

Hand And Foot Wreath

5. Hand Print Spider:

You can also make hand print spider as your Halloween craft and decorate your house with it, you need to apply black color to the hand, then give impression like your fingers facing to the east and palm at the center of the paper, now again take apply the color on the palm and give impression so that the fingers will not face the west direction and palm should over lap with each other, now you need to make the eyes and the mouth of the spider, your finger impressions will be its legs, you can make hole and can hang it to the wall or can fix it also on the door.

Hand Print Spider