5 Amazing DIY Uses Of Toothpick At Home And Garden

Toothpicks are one of the most commonly used and seen things at home. We use them for various chores and things at home. We have never thought of using them in various ways at home or garden. A person shall not go by the size of a toothpick as it is one of the most useful things for doing various things at your home and garden.

Some Of The Amazing Uses Of Toothpicks Have Been Mentioned Below

1. Cleaning Your Phones Or Keyboards

If you have a computer, laptop or a phone then you can easily clean them using a toothpick with utmost ease. You simply need to dip the toothpick in some spirit or alcohol and run the toothpick in the area where there is dirt and dust. You will see that all dust and dirt gets cleared in no time and least effort.

Cleaning Your Phones Or Keyboards

2. Cleaning Mirror And Glasses


Many of us have decoration pieces at home which are made of mirror and glass. Many of us find it extremely difficult to clean the intricate areas and edges of these wonderful pieces. To make things easier and simpler you can use a toothpick. The toothpick reaches every area and edge very easily and cleans it. You can have your shining piece back.


3. Lovely Food Serving Accessories

We all love to have grilled food and various other things being served. If you are having a party at home you can use these coloured toothpicks as attractive and eye catching serving materials. These instantly catch your attention and look nice too.

 Lovely Food Serving Accessories

4. Repair A Bent Stem

We have a number of interesting and eye catching plants in our garden. If a plant in your garden has folded or is bent by the stem you simply need to straighten the stem by supporting it with a toothpick. You just need to place a toothpick against the stem and stick it with tape. You shall be careful and keep a watch on the stem of the plant till it straightens. Once the stem straightens you need to take out the toothpick very carefully.

Repair A Bent Stem

5. Taking Care Of Small Holes In Wood

We all have wooden furniture in our homes and gardens. We often see small holes in them. You simply need to dip a toothpick in glue which is yellow or white in colour and then stick it in the hole and then break off the extra toothpick. Soon you will see a repaired wooden furniture around you.


These are a few amazing ways to use toothpick in your home and garden.