30 Cool Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles


Recycle Plastic Bottles Are you looking to get rid of the plastic bottles that are taking up place in your home unnecessarily? Well, here are some cool ways to recycle and reuse them.

Here are Some Cool Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles:


Create plastic bottle curtain by cutting them into interesting shapes while using string to piece it together. Plastic Bottle curtains


Plastic bottle lamps are interesting and they look good when used for a dinner party. plastic bottle lamp

The Plastic Boat

If you have a lot of plastic bottles to spare, you can join them together to form a plastic bottle boat which is sturdy enough to accommodate two people at the most. boat

Utility Tray

Do you have trinkets lying around? You can now create plastic bottle utility trays to keep jewellery and some spare change. Utility Tray


Cut the bottom of the plastic bottles and add a zipper to them to create purses.

Hanging Vase

If you are looking for an affordable way to decorate your classroom or home, you can cut the bottle in half and use it to create a plastic bottle hanging vase.

Bird Feeder

For bird lovers all over the world, plastic bottles can be reused to create bird feeders – a convenient way to feed your furry friends with seeds and water. bird feeder

Newspaper Holder

Plastic bottles can be attached horizontally to a steel surface to create a newspaper holder.


Fill plastic bottles with sand to create dumbbells which you can use to workout at home. Why spend extra money on a gym membership when you can create your own workout equipment at home?


If you ever need to strain liquid or fluid solids into a container, you can make use of plastic bottles as a funnel. Cut the bottle in half and pour what needs to be strained through the cut half of the bottle. funnel

Party Drinks

If you are going to have a party anytime soon, prepare drinks for your friends in plastic bottles and keep them in a tub of ice to chill. This will help you spend less time on making drinks and more time in enjoying yourself. Party Drinks

Baby Rattles

For mothers, you can now use the plastic bottles to create baby rattles for your little one. Fill the bottle with plastic beans and lighten the lid before giving it to your child.

Party Lighting

Looking for some cool party lighting that won’t cost as much? All you need to do is to spray paint plastic bottles in bright colors and leave them out to dry. Drill a small hole at the bottom and stick small lights through the hole in the bottle. party lights


Cut the ends of differently coloured plastic bottles to create a beautiful chandelier. Paint them in bright colours to enhance the effect they have. plastic bottle chandelier

Ladybug Jewellery

Some people even use milk tops to create ladybug accessories. You can add glue to them and create wearable jewellery. Ladybug Jewellery

Pot Pourri

Cut the bottom half of a plastic bottle to create a pot-pourri dish. You can decorate it with a nice ribbon to make it fit for the living room centre table.

Organic Flytrap

Now you have the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary pests by using plastic bottles to create an organic flytrap. Keep it outside your home because the smell might not be all that pleasant.

Candle Holders

Cut the top half of plastic bottles and insert a candle through it to create do-it-yourself candle holders. candle holder

Watering Cans

Create watering cans by making a small insertion in the cap of the bottle and filling it with water. Turn it upside down to water the plants. plastic bottle watering


Use bottles to create penholders to organize your desk at work or home. pen holder

Snack Bowls

Use the bottom of the plastic bottle to create snack bowls for a party. Snack Bowl

Toilet Paper Holder

You can now use a plastic bottle to create a toilet paper holder if you have children who look for tissues to clean something or the other during the day.

Window Shades

If you have a few spare plastic bottles, you can use them to make a cool window shade.


Plastic bottles can be shredded and attached to a stick to create a broom for cleaning. plastic bottle broom

Paint Stamp

Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle and use the flower shape to create a paint stamp. Toilet Paper Holder

Christmas Tree

Shred a green plastic bottle and shape it to create a Christmas tree. Christmas Tree

Ice Packs

You can fill plastic bottles with water, freeze them overnight and use them as ice packs on your journey the next day.

Bowling Skittles

Create bowling skittles for your little one with plastic bottles. Bowling Skittles

Piggy Bank

Make a small slit on the top of a plastic bottle, use chart paper and paint to create a piggy bank for your kid. piggy bank

Yarn Holder

Getting your yarn tangled when you are in the process of knitting can be quite a pain. Prevent this by cutting the bottom third of the bottle and stuff your yarn in it.