3 Simple Ideas To Make Blank Cabin Into Well-designed Pantry

pantry storage ideas

Changing a normal blank cabin into beautifully decorated pantry is the wish of many people; help them in arranging many important things that they use in everyday life. Actually, the process is so simple. It involves good quality pantry wood and some tools that can make working easy for the people. Get some quality wood from the nearby stores and get the tools that can cut the wood into required shape and help you in arranging the wood in correct place easily.

Place For Everything

Create a design, which will help you in arranging all the things that are required to be located easily for everyday use. Each and every rack in the cabin should not be in the same dimensions like spacing, length, width and height. It is because of the fact that the things that are about to be arranged in that cabin will not be is same dimensions. Things will differ in many aspects. Some of the things impart their smell to other objects and most probably you might not like that.


So arrange different kind of objects in different racks and in order to arrange each and every thing the design should be perfect. The spacing should be in such a way that empty space in the pantry is very minimum. This will help you in accommodating many things in less space and there is no need to search things whenever needed. Select the wood with pleasant color, so that it will not spoil the look of the pantry.

Use The Door Space Effectively

However, the door of the panty will also be of the same material, many people fail in using the space between the door and the compartments effectively. Provide some storage racks to the door, which can hold some small items. Items like pickle bottles, jam bottles and many other items of the same shape and size will be accommodated. If you are planning to place heavy items in the door racks, then use the proper material that can hold such things.

door space management

Generally, these racks are designed to hold small and light items only, so that the weight of the door will be less and it will be easy to open and close the door. Another important thing is to design the things properly. The door racks should not collide with the things that are placed inside and also they should not create any problem to the interior designs. So care should be taken in this concern.

Create Slide Out Drawers

Slide out drawers will be the idea that will score many marks in this design. Inside design or the door design, what if the thing that has to be placed in the pantry is of same dimensions as that of the rack? These cases will be taken care of slide out drawers. If one can slide the drawer out and keep things and then push it inside, then the thing will perfectly fit into the rack without any difficulties. This design will also help in placing the heavy items because of the double layer wood that is used in its making.

Slide Out Drawers

If the drawers are provided with decorative handles, it will give a pleasant look. Make sure that the handle will not collide with any of the designs. If these kinds of racks are accommodated with glass items, care should be taken in case of sliding out the drawer. Because it will make the thing fall and broke if it is overdrew. Otherwise, these racks are so useful. These three ideas will help you in decorating blank cabins into hyper-organized pantry.


So, the ideas that are discussed above will be enough and also so simple to follow to decorate a normal cabin into well-organized pantry. Good set of tools and fine quality wood will the only things a person requires to finish the task.